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Encontros em SP mandarão tricô e energias positivas para Valparaíso

Uma iniciativa curiosa e cheia de significado busca agitar a comunidade chilena e outras colônias que vivem em São Paulo em prol dos desabrigados pelo incêndio que atingiu a cidade de Valparaíso (Chile). 246 more words

Eventos E Seminários

The Asch Experiment

As social beings we enjoy being part of groups .It gives us a sense of commitment and support that ultimately enables us to create strong emotional bonds with one another. 277 more words

Asch Wordsearch

Asch Wordsearch

If you get stuck, scroll down and theres a mind map on my blog, hopefully this helps <3


Line A is the same size as Line B,C or D? Will you be surprised by your answer?

The correct answer is line A is equal to line B. The size of Line A is the same as B. This seems simple enough, or at least it does, when you’re reading this article by yourself without the influence of others, saying a wrong answer. 366 more words


AS Social Influence - Understanding Independent Behaviour

To introduce this sub-topic, watch this extract from Panorama. It concerns some deserters from the Syrian army. I’ll try to explain in the lesson something about the conflict in Syria. 327 more words


[toa, outlaw star, cardcaptor sakura doodles]

Some miscellaneous things. I’d like to draw more ToA but I’ve gotten quite distracted with Bravely Default recently, so… >3>

translation: “Yuki, I… I love you.”

Cardcaptor Sakura

Evaluating The Core Studies in Unit Two

evaluating core studies

Heyy guys, this is basically a table with a few spcific points on how to evaluate certain aspects of each study. Feel free to add to it or recommend any changes.