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Código ASCII e código UNICODE

ASCII é uma codificação de carateres de sete bits baseada no alfabeto inglês. Cada sequência de códigos na tabela ASCII corresponde a um carater, comumente representados por 8 bits, sendo que o oitavo bit serve como um bit de paridade, utilizado para detecção de erro. 35 more words


Developer Catchup: POODLE, Tails, Docker, Redis and more

POODLE yips: In what was a glorious nail in the coffin of SSLv3, the POODLE vulnerability(PDF) made sure no one would trust SSLv3 again. 440 more words


Drawtober 1-9

Now, if you know me, you should also already know that I can’t draw. I managed to learn how to draw – get this – a semi-realistic left eye a few years ago, and while it looks pretty darn good at first glance, it only takes a  419 more words


Characters and Symbols in HTML

The most reliable way to use special characters in webpages is to use decimal entity notation(ASCII codes).
The special characters can be be written by using either entity name or entity number. 1,470 more words


Faster Faster! - VilTAGE Game

As I was mentioning before, I am working on an ASCII web game framework called VilTAGE.

I’ve made a sample game for this framework. I’ve called it  85 more words


ASCII/HTML Codes and CSS-Colors

Много необходима в HTML е ASCII-ТАБЛИЦАТА за различните символи.

ТУК може да намерите кодовете на символите.

ТУК освен кодовете на символите има Conversion Table,URL Encoding,URL Decoding и други удобства. 15 more words