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Week Two

The lectures in Week Two introduce the notion of arrays and reveal that the simplified ‘string’ variable in the CS50 library is in fact an array of characters. 360 more words


Convert Matlab colormap to Surfer colormap

In the comment section of my last post, Steve asked if I had code to generate a Surfer.clr file from my Matlab colormaps.

Some time ago I did write a simple Matlab .m file to write a colormap to a variable with the correct Surfer format, but at the time I was content to have the variable output to a .txt file, which I would then open in a text editor to add a 1-line header and change the file extension to .clr. 133 more words


Star Wars Asciimation

With the new Star Wars films on the horizon, it seems like a good time to go back and rewatch the old ones. Of course, if you can’t spare all those hours for that purpose, there’s always an alternative. 57 more words


Interactive DOS prompt in an HTML5 canvas

A silly interactive retro terminal library for the HTML5 canvas. Make a fake DOS prompt or draw some ASCII/ANSI art. Original Post>>


Detect if browser supports base64 dataURI using JavaScript

A long time ago Flickr have introduced base64 dataURI images in its pages. It brings a lot of benefits for users and web servers but at the time the most of the browsers was not supporting this schema. 64 more words


Brain less, more brain

Looking back on my first post (x) I could sorta tell that my posting habits would be abysmal, didn’t really quite think that I would go nine months without a post though. 339 more words


word: ken


Definition: (noun) Range of what one can know or understand. Synonyms: cognizance Usage: This level of mathematics is beyond my ken. Discuss.