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7. Autism is...

… The Home/School book. B gets her book filled daily with what she has done or where she’s been as she can’t tell me herself. School will also record less thrilling things such as foods eaten, bowel movements and if she has any nappy sores (a recurring problem.) Its also used for me to tell them on days when she gets up at 4am or hasn’t eaten or exciting things she’s done at the weekend (tv and iPad use don’t heavily feature.) Her book is what I look forward to most as without it I’d be totally in the dark. 38 more words


What a difference a diagnosis makes

As I’ve mentioned before I’m still waiting to be officially diagnosed with autism. Now it seems that that could happen very soon, at least I will be assessed very soon. 1,418 more words


Fractals: Order Amidst Chaos

It was a simple question.  Those always get me in trouble.

“Michael, what is a fractal?”  I asked this as I was backing the car up to head to the grocery store.   324 more words


Eyes wide shut

WHEN I look at my daughter Amelia, I see lots of things. I see a wonderfully healthy, milky-skinned towhead with dark, dark eyes.

My eyes rest on her all-terrain body some days and I conjure up images of her in a field, pausing from her work to glance at the sky, the sun, like a stocky Russian peasant, built to withstand the elements. 803 more words


Day 30 - 3.0 miles (114 miles total) #rwrunstreak #aspergersyndrome

Sometimes I think neighbors and people we see often around the neighborhood must think we are crazy parents, or have no control.  This morning was a perfect example, and it wasn’t much different that most mornings.   585 more words

A Dream

So earlier this month, I was taken to the emergency department for what they thought at first was heart related. It turned out to be dehydration, and was causing my kidneys to be very upset. 734 more words


You are SO able!

Haven’t seen Sonny in weeks.

So here are some random ramblings…
Occasionally, Sonny has a meltdown when we are out, only when something is really bad, (like its really crowded, or the pool is shut etc) but when it does happen, and he is crying and screaming and hitting, that is when I really see Sonny’s autism. 292 more words