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Sensory Issues- Part 1

If you have read previous posts here, you may know that my kiddo, E, is on the Autism Spectrum.  E was diagnosed with Aspergers 2 years ago, and we have been trying to figure things out since then.  471 more words


Pom poms

So last night was another bad night I’m hoping things will start to change and TP will start to feel better soon, he only just managed his 3 hours at nursery today because he wasn’t feeling brilliant but at least I managed to catch up on my sleep whilst he was there! 69 more words


Miami's Autism Card

The University of Miami Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (CARD) partnered with the Coral Gables Police Department and the Disability Independence Group (DIG) to create ID cards so people with ASD can present themselves as such when interacting with law enforcement. 127 more words



School day, he’s asleep and I get to escape to the library. One of my favorite places to sit and think, mostly day dream and attempt to start this beautiful piece of fiction that’s tumbling about in my mind. 288 more words



A guy I know once described the autism spectrum (which he’s on, by the way) as “a total sausage fest”. And I know what he means; I co-run a support group for young adults with autism, and in an average meeting, about 80-90% of the attendants are male. 349 more words

The never ending search for balance...

Always am I working toward balance. With my time, with people, with money, with projects. And on a day to day with my housewife/ mommy duties I do okay. 348 more words


God teaches me things in the strangest of ways.

Which brings me to cats.

I am not a “cat person.” Even though my house is home to one lucky indoor cat, named Lucky. 391 more words