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Happy 7th birthday to my wonderful son

Dear T

Happy birthday my darling. We are 7 years into this journey and wow… how far have we come? A long way, a very long way, my gorgeous boy. 208 more words

Sotos Syndrome

Future Fears of the unknown

As a fly buzzed through my living room, my four year old freaked out. Recently, she just started to fear and panic over bugs. Luckily so far only a few flies have crept through our doors. 473 more words


Things I've Been Thinking About

I am currently at 1mg of Haldol, down from 4mg.  My tics are getting worse and they annoy me sometimes, but sometimes I think that I just don’t want to go back on an anti-tic medication.   353 more words

What Could Go Wrong

When it comes to being Caroline’s mom, I have learned to expect and even plan for the unfathomable. She has a way of making absolutely everything exciting. 1,010 more words

While We Were Out:

Started writing on June 10: The hospital is no stranger to me and little man.  He has been hospitalized numerous times for RSV/Pneumonia, a blood staph infection, and acute respiratory distress, with our stays never being under 2 weeks. 670 more words


Answered Questions: Supplemental

We recently published an issue of Answered Questions with Autism as its theme. We would like to add the following resources and community outreach for our readers in the US: 69 more words


My other life….

So I have failed at my attempts to keep my blog flowing smoothly. My goal of one post a week was halted abruptly as my other life became more and more hectic. 484 more words