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Post: Isis, Lady of the Cobra

Priestess and author, Isidora Forrest has a great blog post up about Aset (Isis) and Her association with cobras.

Here is the link:Isis, Lady of the Cobra



From Zero to Hero Tone Excel
Cerita Kerja 9 Tahun Kerja Gaji Rm1,200 Sebulan
Cerita Buat betul-betul 1 Tahun 2 Bulan Pendapatan Sebulan kini Rm30,000 sebulan.. 139 more words

Back from Retreat

Once again, I return from the annual Kemetic Orthodox Wep Ronpet Retreat full of energy and things to write about. I am hoping to dedicate more time to solid blogging this year, but I’ll be honest — with my final year of academic work towards my Masters, a wedding, a full-time job, and actual ritual work to do — I’ll probably be doing a lot of photoblogging and microblogging. 67 more words

Snippets And Miscellany

Wep Ronpet Poem 4: For Aset

Great of Heka

may my speech be true.

Queen of Heaven

may I always reach for the stars.


Late post- Epagomenal Day 4: Aset

Yesterday I was feeling very sick, so I did not do much for Aset’s day.

I did the little ritual Hemet posted, and left an electronic candle on for a couple of hours. 68 more words

Wep Ronpet

Wednesday for me was Wep Ronpet, the new year. This year was my first time celebrating it, and I had fun. I made cake, I made dinner, I had Sister and Nephew and his dad over. 381 more words

Daily Life

Ancient Egyptian Goddesses in Beaded Elegance

Isis and Hathor, two of the most popular Ancient Egyptian Goddesses!

These two Goddesses were a joy to design and stitch! In addition to the many colors of embroidery floss, I used a lot of Mill Hill Seed Beads and two colors of Kreinik blending filament in each design to add a really nice texture to the finished product. 233 more words