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Festival of Aset

This Festival of Aset lasts from the 20 to the 23rd of the month. This is a cleansing festival where the shrine was cleaned, the statue was bathed and offerings were given to the Goddess. 57 more words

An Isis Love Spell

Today—I don’t know why, really—I’m prompted to share with you a little love ritual that I created at the request of an acquaintance. She wanted to find her true love and asked me to help. 792 more words

Goddess Isis

Warrior's Anger about the New Year Oracle

Let me say first off, that I am not happy with this year’s oracle. Not because there is truely anything wrong with what it is saying( gods know that I have been around trickster spirits long enough to not be bothered by it too much) but rather what was not said and what it is going to cause. 191 more words

Divine Surprise

I haven’t studied someone’s eyes
In more years than I can describe.
When fear sets in
encounters begin and end
with inappropriate replies.

I know I’m fucking crazy. 52 more words


Assets Allocation

Seberapa banyak kita bisa menyimpan?

Kebanyakan orang akan menjawab, besarannya adalah tergantung dari berapa banyak yang kita peroleh.

Namun pertanyaan yang lebih tepat adalah seberapa banyak kita mau menyimpan? 50 more words

EHN Personal Thought

Post: Isis, Lady of the Cobra

Priestess and author, Isidora Forrest has a great blog post up about Aset (Isis) and Her association with cobras.

Here is the link:Isis, Lady of the Cobra



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Cerita Kerja 9 Tahun Kerja Gaji Rm1,200 Sebulan
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