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What is she talking about, you say. Well my friends this week, October 26 – November 1 is a week dedicated to spreading awareness and pride for the asexual community. 440 more words


AAW Day Four

To expand on yesterday’s post about representation, there’s an anthology looking for stories with asexual characters! For any aspiring/authors who are following me. If you’re unaware of the spectrum, here’s what I understand of it. 485 more words


Halloween and Asexual Awareness Week

Hiii, I haven’t been on here forever. (O_o”) I’m sorry about that, but like school and stuff has been so flipping busy. \(>_<)/ But in spite of all the like heckness…. 192 more words

Claiming the A

Why the A in the acronym shouldn’t be for Ally anymore

This post is twofold, addressing the reason why any ally should not feel that they need representation in the group they are allied with, and why the use of A in the LGBT+ acronym for allies is incredibly harmful for the Asexual and Aromantic community. 1,021 more words

AAW Day Three

I’m gonna try to write a better post than yesterday. So if you don’t mind a somewhat serious moment, I’ll talk about me before I “discovered” the term asexual. 842 more words


Demisexuality and Asexual Awareness Week

Since literally NO ONE answered my poll on what I should write about this week, I let Tumblr do the work…which is not unusual for me, but whatever.   433 more words

A Heterosexual's View on Asexuality

I was introduced to biromantacism for the first time in my life when I came to TCU. I’ve heard my friend’s explanation of his feelings countless times, because no one really knows what he’s talking about. 278 more words