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Ethan Hawke reveals unknown things about himself

Ethan Hawke, who has reteamed with his ‘Before Sunrise’ director Richard Linklater for captivating drama ‘Boyhood‘, has shared little things about himself with his fans. 19 more words


A Confession of Sins Based on Psalm 51

A Confession of Sins Based on Psalm 51

King David was one horrific sinner. But wow did he know how to confess. What follows is a great Confession of Sins because it comes directly from God’s word (as written by David). 253 more words

Worship Idea

The Liberation Of Giving Up

Ash Wednesday should be seen as standing guard over Lent, reminding us at its start of the core truth of Christianity: we must give up. 180 more words


Writing Exercise - Spend 6 Minutes Writing About Dust

In class this afternoon, the Rev. Dr. Lauren Winner invited us to spend six minutes writing about dust to see what it teaches me about Ash Wednesday.   272 more words

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday in ICU

As a kid, my church had a service on Ash Wednesday—but never with ashes. The music was melancholy, and for me the sermon was always too long. 245 more words


Preparing for Death: Ash Wednesday

Originally Published 18 February, 2010

ο χρυσαμοιβος δ’ Αρης ςωματων
και ταλαντουχος εν μαχα δορος πυρωθεν εξ Ιλιου
φιλοισι πεμπει βαρου ψηγμα δυσδακρυτον αντηνορος
σποδου γεμιζων λεβητας ευθετους.

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An Ashen SPACE

A very belated post about our “Ashen SPACE” – a SPACE service which explored the Ancient service of Ash Wednesday in a more contemporary way. It attempted to hold together some of the more traditional liturgical aspects of corporate prayer and  hearing of bible readings, as well as allowing people space to contemplate in their own space. 313 more words