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Mysteries of a Silent Creature

Deer are fascinating, mysterious animals. Quiet, stealthy, strong; they represent something haunted about Nature. Whole families of deer can be near us in the woods without our even knowing it; hidden amongst the bushes or so camouflaged that they just blend into the background. 50 more words



It’s always easier writing about something that one dislikes instead of something that one is immeasurably fond of. Because tearing something down is always easier than building something up. 374 more words



This album opener from Minneapolis’s Brilliant Beast has a distinctly late 90s British feel to it, channelling the great and good of Ash’s early work. 24 more words


Ash - Golden

Olivia jerked upright at Ben’s mention of Doctor Grey. I remember him. “Doctor Grey?” she asked. Did I hear him wrong?

“Yeah. I don’ know what he did, but those fellas I got outta there mentioned him an’ Doctor Green. 3,542 more words

Stone Burners

OraSASH Everybodies ASH ??

Active Session History ASH is part of the diagnostic and tuning pack of the Oracle enterprise edition. Using a few sql statements you can find top events, tops sqls or top waiting sessions in your database. 154 more words


Drink More Pink Bubbles.

Sometimes you just need a glass of bubbles.  Maybe more than sometimes.  In the wake of the holidays (Thanksgiving!?  Christmas?!  New Year’s?!) I like to have an arsenal of happy-making-sparkling wines at the ready.   160 more words