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Yes, I Have Opinions, No I'm Not Ashamed

As those of you who follow me know, I am a very opinionated person. I think that opinions are good, educated ones are better, and that debates are both healthy and important. 640 more words

Leftovers without place

Recently, I visited the neighborhood where I lived from zero until I turned almost 12. Even though I went to college relatively close to this neighborhood, I didn’t actually visit until towards the end of writing my first book, three or four years later. 243 more words

Hypotheses On Childhood

Seek? That Easy?

I sought the Lord, and He answered me, And delivered me from all my fears. They looked to Him and were radiant, And their faces will never be ashamed. 271 more words

Daily Devotionals

Hidden Hurts!

Hidden Hurts

Did you know Hidden Hurts can control your life?   These hurts may have you feeling Angry, Afraid, Abandoned, Ashamed, or even Alone.  I want you to know that masking, suppressing and denying it doesn’t help.   256 more words

Is not tears of pity but tears of inspiration

What made me cry even more. I think what I what is what I meant to archive and is parts of my life. There are times I consider weakness and feel ashamed off or like I need to hurry up and fix all the part of my messy life. 69 more words

A Serious Discussion on Sexual Abuse: Male Victims

By Shady Shebak, MD

The following is an important but understudied topic. It is one that includes several common diagnoses, and severe inner-psychic conflict regarding sexual assault. 619 more words



I’m a puppet 

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I’m a puppet

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