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Block Mangafesto: Berserk

Sorry that I haven’t posted anything recently. Been busy with work and life in general. So here’s my next one!

Berserk is a long running dark fantasy manga by Kentaro Miura. 298 more words


Cosplay Beginner

I’ve been inspired lately to begin cosplaying (for those that don’t know what that means, it means to wear costumes and roleplay the character). My inspiration has come from the many wonderful people that I met at PAX Aus. 250 more words

League Of Legends

Motivational Monday 43

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

-Arthur Ashe

-The Christine Life 70 more words


Block Mangafesto: Dorohedoro

A new review! Hope you guys enjoy this review; it’s one of my favorites and just in time for Halloween!

“Dorohedoro” is a fantasy manga written and illustrated by Q Hayashida (if the name is familiar, she is known for the manga “Maken X Another”). 309 more words


A Faerie in a Purple Dress: Chapter 5


Magical Maladies

None of us could even respond after we got the chance to look at ourselves in the lake that was next to the lilac field. 2,873 more words


Maferefun Orisha Orunmila....

Luz, Amor, y Ashe.

As always and forever, I hope that when you read this message you all and all in your Kingdoms are basking in the warmth of Orunmila, accepting the guidance of the Eggun, and appreciating the blessings of the Orisha. 233 more words