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So according to WordPress, I registered a year ago. I’ve been plaguing this website for a year. Wowowow. Celebrate, my children.

Anyway, I’m back. *moriarty voice* Did you miss me? 276 more words

Life is back to the abnormal. A week back in the land of smoke, paint and ridiculous conversation. Where anytime of any day it is acceptable to have a can.

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Year Of The Blog


Astral traveling, vibrational alignment, third eye opening. I do believe these abilities are possible, I have seen and experienced they can be done. Yet a blockage at the lower levels will lead to interference of these higher levels of metaphysical functioning and leave one spiritually dysfunctional. 642 more words

Orisha Poetry in Phoenix....

Luz, Amor, y Ashé.

Ashé International, Inc. invites you to join us on October 11 at ENCORE, for an evening of open mic poetry dedicated to the Eggun and the Orisha. 56 more words

A Weekend in the Waters....

Luz, Amor, y Ashé.

As always and forever, I hope that when you read this message you all and all in your Kingdoms are basking in the warmth of Olofi, accepting the guidance of your Eggun, and appreciating the blessings of the Orishas. 292 more words

Illinois peeps, check out - Memories Entrenched at the U.S. Open, but Digging to the Future

At the U.S. Open, where thwacks echo across eras, the grounds are in classic New York dig-we-must mode in preparation for a retractable roof in two years.. 7 more words


August 2014 Energy Reading...

Luz, Amor, y Ashe.

As always and forever, I hope that when you read this message you all are truly in the best of health and spirit. 474 more words