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First Installation (pictorial)

Heaven: For this project i decieded to focus on abstract,I’ve adapted a style of abstract that my peers recognise due to a recent assignment where i was able to study and practice this type of photography. 319 more words

Guide To Play Ashe

The guide to play Ashe, the Frost Archer has been created. The guides are created in the separate website page. Go ahead and check our Ashe’s guide, so you know what you are getting yourself in to. 9 more words

League Of Legends

Garry's theme - Fighting for you (Cover)

Love this game so much, I decided to redo my cover of this song!! :3

♫♪ Credits ♪♫

Original Video:
Guitar/Composition: YASUpochi
Lyrics: Ashe… 29 more words


December 2014 Energy Reading...

Luz, Amor, y Ashe.

As always, I hope that when you read this message you all and all in your Kingdoms are truly in the best of health and spirit. 509 more words

Kabieosile Shango....

Luz, Amor, y Ashe.

Baba Shango, as midnight approaches the drums begin to beat and your celebrations continue. I say continue for they began with our first breath and will continue through every moment that makes our mortal lives and subsequently transcends into our spiritual ones. 119 more words

Block Mangafesto: Berserk

Sorry that I haven’t posted anything recently. Been busy with work and life in general. So here’s my next one!

Berserk is a long running dark fantasy manga by Kentaro Miura. 298 more words


Cosplay Beginner

I’ve been inspired lately to begin cosplaying (for those that don’t know what that means, it means to wear costumes and roleplay the character). My inspiration has come from the many wonderful people that I met at PAX Aus. 250 more words

League Of Legends