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Ashley Beds Collection - Video

Ashley Beds – The Ashley Furniture Company makes no bones about the fact that they want to be “The Best Furniture Company” on the planet. They have a distinguished past and

True Confession Tuesday

“Shame is a soul eating emotion.” ― C.G. Jung

I’ve never read a quote that so perfectly described something in my life. Anyone who has ever dealt with any kind of shame understands this “soul eating” like no other.

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Meant to Be

Ever wonder the variables that have to be in place for an event to happen? The chain reaction of moments that result in some potential destination? 373 more words

Glass Half Full

The Bluffers Guide to Newcastle United, 2013-14.

What a time it is to be devoid of an opinion on Newcastle United! While press, tv and social media is awash with it, of both the well-considered and hysterical kinds, to be without is to be becalmed on Twitter’s salt uncaring sea. 985 more words


Ashley Graham (RE4)

Ashley is the president’s daughter that Leon Kennedy is sent to rescue from Europe. She cannot use any weapons, and is prone to being picked up and hauled off by enemies. 38 more words

Character Bios

HRT Day 8:

So it’s been one week on Estrogen and Androgen Blockers and I’m feeling pretty good.

I’ve had a couple of depressive days still but they were situational and not due to just waking up and breathing.   417 more words


The Trainer

The Trainer

So with April comes the reminder that the MS150 bike ride is only 2 months away. This means training needs to start if I am ready for a 75-mile ride in one day. 344 more words