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“Knafe Ossmalieh” {كنافة عثملية}

- Knafe or Kunafe is a very popular dessert in the levant (Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Jordan …) : crunchy crust, creamy filling and an aromatic orange blossom syrup .. 851 more words


"ASHTA" {قشطة}: Milk cream / Crème au lait

- Ashta is a milk cream ,yet it does not contain cream. It is made with milk (frequently powdered milk), fresh toast/bread  and flavorings (orange blossom water or rose water) which gives a clotted cream that tastes fresh and light, without any cream. 516 more words


MANTRA PROJEKT @ Plano B, 2014/07/04

MANTRA PROJEKT is what I like to call a “zen band”. Using their own words, they want to “share the effect of the sounds and ultrasounds (mantras) of the Old Yôga (SwáSthya Yôga)” 154 more words