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Hungry for living?

What do you want to accomplish before your expiration date? (kick the bucket)

We set up lists, goals, and ideas we would like to triumph over before expiring. 376 more words


David Swenson on how he got into yoga

New video from Melbourne, just up on Tuesday:

Even if you’ve heard his stories before, it’s great to hear them again.

Posted by Steve


If you only knew

If I knew, if I believed I will not fail, if I listened to what people who believed in me said and trusted, rather than the fear of this EGO who is scared, afraid and alone, I would be in the game. 564 more words


This is for you

This is for the kid who sneaks out of class.
The one who has a commitment outside that is larger than themselves. The one who lingered in place only long enough so that ‘no one’ noticed their absence but not them leaving. 85 more words


4 & 17/12

A four year old will quickly correct you if you tell them they are four when they are 4 & 3/4. Seriously, they are almost 5, and you need to know this. 271 more words


Here's what 60 minutes of yoga is equal to, according to 'science'

Building off our Saturday post about the New York Times “Ask Well” feature that found yoga is too gentle to be a person’s sole exercise, I thought I’d compare some other activities to how the NYT — via one study in particular — measured the physical intensity of 60 minutes of yoga. 517 more words


Learn the Ashtanga pranayama sequence

David Garrigues a week ago uploaded a series of videos teaching the Ashtanga pranayama sequence.

The whole series on Vimeo is right here. Cost: $35, and it runs 132 minutes — broken into parts. 466 more words