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Another possible and new energy is "Levitation"! AAMichael through Marc Gamma on 04.17.2014

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German Transcript written by Rose Linda

Translated by Contramary=Evamaria and posted on Illuminations Now

Source of EnglishTranslation : Another possible and new energy is “Levitation”! 4,145 more words


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This is interesting because I had the gift of levitation as a child. I remember when it happened once in the schoolyard when I was 5... two feet off the ground... in front of other kids... they freaked out and talked about it for years... But that day my gift of levitation seemed to have ceased... (or did it?). Thank you for sharing, Evamaria :)    

Two Blues: Clarity and Protection

Hi dear friends,

In the previous post I shared a few key exercises for heart-centering and protecting your torus/auric field. Today, here are two more practices, helpful for maintaining your integrity during the escalated ‘swirl’ of energies in play since the Equinox (ie: energies of resistance to the Rose and Christed Gold frequencies that streamed through the Equinox Portal). 630 more words

Three Foundational Heart Practices

Dear Friends,

Today I’d like to share three visualization exercises from HUG (Hearts United Group), which I co-admin on Facebook. The first practice, the Sun-Star Exercise, was given by Ashtar, through my star brother Bareld Nijboer. 1,303 more words

Return of the spaceship Star of Bethlehem

received: 2-7-2014

Blessed one,

Be at peace in this endeavor. It is time to tell of the return of the great ship Star of Bethlehem. 449 more words

Malaysia Flight 370? Galactic disclosure and Nesara

Hollow Earth Network  broadcast link for Mar 15, 2014 


Sananda spoke first; a very important message for our coming education.
 Peter Olson’s comments, enlightening our understanding of Ascension. 8,678 more words


Regarding ET Rescue of Malaysian Flight 370...

Update: March 13 p.m. – So far I’ve listened to the first audio from Wednesday and it was loaded with intriguing information about flight 370, the passengers, their status, what happened and why the ETs seized the plane, what they plan to do next, the cigar-shaped craft, and a lot more. 477 more words

Current Updates

La Mama Artistic Director on the importance of staging Palestinian theatre in Australia

Premiering November 11, 2014Tales of a City by the Sea, a Palestinian story of love and separation will be brought to life on three different stages in three cities, in two languages (Arabic and English) within three different artistic interpretations.  471 more words

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