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Traveling Neverwhere: Holiday Season Do’s & Taboo’s

Season’s Greetings, Fellow Wanderer.

I say this somewhat contemptuously, not contemptuous of your damp perfumes and arid pleasantries, but rather contemptuous for the gluttonous nature of the season upon us with its flickering holiday illumination buggering my night vision until it’s as useless as the misaligned belly-button on my Japanese sex-bot, Umi, who’s currently charging in the closet. 1,806 more words

Off The Grid

Uber's Non-stop Controversy

 Uber is a ride sharing service. Customers use an app to request rides and track their reserved vehicle’s location.

Uber first came in news when taxi drivers and taxi companies started protesting as it was taking their business and they called it an illegal taxicab operation that engaged in unfair business. 220 more words


Uber investor Ashton Kutcher doesn’t see the problem with digging up dirt on a ‘shady journalist’

Uber has been embroiled in a PR fiasco since a BuzzFeed story this week revealed than an executive had floated the idea that the company should hire opposition researchers to look into the personal lives of journalists critical of the company. 212 more words


'Two and a Half Men' recap: It takes a village, people

Season 12 | Episode 4 | “Thirty-Eight, Sixty-Two, Thirty-Eight” | Aired Nov 20, 2014

So now that the boys are approved for adoption, the journey to parenthood begins. 733 more words

Why Ashton Kutcher Just Earned Asshole Points

Featured image via Angie’s List

If you haven’t really been following all the remarkably horrendous PR mistakes that ride share company Uber has been making recently, here’s a super brief recap (with links!). 987 more words

Double Twist

Hey God, Make Room for Über; Feeling the JetBlues; Target Is Spot On


Über is finding itself in a bit of a tangle, gaffe, pickle (insert any number of words) after it got busted using the company’s “God View” tool to keep tabs on a customer’s vehicle location. 481 more words

Uber Investor Ashton Kutcher Sticks Up For Executive Who Wanted To Look Into "Shady Journalists"

If you’ve been on the internet at all this week, then you already know that Uber has found itself in hot water after an executive discussed the idea of digging up dirt on journalists critical of the company. 798 more words