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China media: Hong Kong arrests

Police officials, acting on court orders, have cleared some protest sites

Papers in China have supported Hong Kong police’s decision to arrest pro-democracy protesters.

Police in Hong Kong say 116 protesters have been arrested during clashes since Tuesday, as operations to dismantle activist camps in Mong Kok. 539 more words


Interesting Fact About Koreans

Everyone has heard about Seoul, Korea, haven’t they? I always thought it was pronounced “soul’ but on my recent visit, to my surprise, I discovered that Koreans pronounce the word like “shoal.”

Who knew?


Kentucky Fried Christmas

Back in the 80s, Japan truly opened itself up to doing business with Western countries and Kentucky Fried Chicken swooped in and established itself as the fast food restaurant du force. 124 more words


HK - Macau, Day 5 (Aug 25, 2014)

Welcome to Macau! We were directly looking for taxi to go to the hotel. We stayed at 5footway.inn. The driver dropped us at Sofitel hotel. I was confused at first why he dropped us there, and turns out it is the drop off point if we want to go to 5footway.inn. 504 more words




Hokkaido, Japan. Look at how confident they are!


Phone danglies, charmies and bubble machines abound.

The Japanese really dig doodads that dangle from their phones, purses and backpacks. These can be obtained nearly anywhere but my absolute favie is their bubble machines (also called Capsules.) Plug in 200 yen (about $2 US dollars), twist the handle and collect your prize. 75 more words


Jiankou Great Wall of China

Near Beijing, the most frequently visited parts of the Great Wall are rebuilt to better-than-new condition. There are loads of tourists, hawkers, and even cable cars and alpine slides. 1,251 more words