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August 2014: Lombok (day 1) - The Island next to The Island of God

I am Indonesian but if you asked me if I have travelled to most part of Indonesia, I sadly said no. In fact, I don’t even cover half of Indonesia which has more than 16,000 islands. 1,114 more words


Manifestación y policía en Japón.

Noten que la policía no está armada…

Curioso como las diferencias culturales y geográficas hacen a un contexto, por ejemplo en el diseño de los uniformes. 19 more words


Annyeong Korea: Dream Come True

Before the trip

A week before our trip to South Korea, I’m already having trouble sleeping because of too much (and too early) excitement. I’ve been researching about the tourist areas that we need to visit and I just booked 4 nights in a guesthouse which is strategically located near a train station. 2,173 more words


The Art of Eight Limbs

“Balan’, balan’, balan’…” The now-familiar reminder to stay balanced will echo in my head for some time. “Balan’, balan’…punch! Right kick!” As the trainer, Duong, puts the pads up in sequence as targets, I fight to maintain my balance yet apply power to each strike. 891 more words


Experiencing Thailand

My friend and I impulsively booked a trip to Thailand last year. It was originally set in May but personal matters (like an unexpected research stint) suddenly came into the picture. 518 more words


Wat to see around Siem Reap

SMOTH – It’s hard to imagine what the first French missionary thought when he cut his way through the jungle to see the ancient cities and temples of Angkor. 693 more words


Colombo, Day 2

The sweltering heat in Colombo meant that the fan being on all night was not an issue at all, on the contrary. However, we did use our sheet. 993 more words