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Ban pong station

No digital departure boards.

No branded refreshment franchise, just a soporific store selling cheap cakes, drinks, pot noodles.

Station master rings a brass bell hanging over the platform. 182 more words


Photo Friday - Singapore Zoo

The zoo near my hometown is one of the best in my country, so everytime when I visit a zoo it has a lot to live up to. 207 more words


Final morning at sangkhlaburi.......

I’m not sleeping too well here, maybe the thin walls.

I dreamt about the Lovegrove brothers. Not a nice dream. Mat had inadvertently killed Luke, having administered forced water consumption via hosepipe then stood on his stomach. 419 more words


Day 3 in Sangkhlaburi.....Religion

At sunrise their are groups of monks on the bridge heads. Locals are flocking down the hills to make merit by offering food then being blessed. 326 more words


Day 3 Sangkhlaburi excursion

My pink motorbike has a sticker that says “I love dogs”. Not true. In fact there are packs of quite scary ones on the roads. At least they would be scary if they were nourished enough to have the energy to chase you. 365 more words


Retrospective on Cambodia: Will the saga continue???

“A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”

                                                                  – John A. Shedd

First and foremost (in case you were pulling out your hair wondering if I made it back to the States in one piece): Yes, I am home.

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Arashiyama Illumination

In Japan, holiday season means illuminations everywhere! Yesterday, I went to another Illumination. This time in Arashiyama, Kyoto. It was absolutely freezing! About 35 degrees Fahrenheit, 1 degree Celsius. 123 more words