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Flying Cats & Dogs

I’m trying to read more Chinese poetry/literature because reaching back to my culture is like reaching through a veil that covers a mirror to myself. I’m also trying to draw more, because it uses my brain in a different way, and besides, it’s fun to draw things like flying cats and dogs. 517 more words

Asian American

Justice Mary Yu: Crossing Boundaries to the Supreme Court

Even a little glimpse into Justice Mary Yu’s past provides an understanding of why the newest Washington State Supreme Court justice brings an unprecedented understanding of minorities being served in the courts. 207 more words

Week 4 - Slaying The Dragon

Slaying the Dragon and Slaying the Dragon Reloaded revealed several insights that I have never thought about before. Growing up I was a blind consumer of the movies and what pop culture had fed me. 563 more words

Weekly Responses

All me, just the way I like it.

Hi there, beautiful people of the internet.

On my blog, you’ll be able to live vicariously through my life. To be honest, I’m just a teenager trying to figure out this wonderfully scary world around me. 139 more words

First Post

Hypersexualized Representation of Asian/American Women, No and Yes.

Look around the images on TV commercials and the Internet, and you will soon realize that women in general and women of color in particular are hyperseuxualized. 432 more words

Asian American

20 Facts About Me

II. 20 Facts About Me

Of course I could name more than 20 facts about myself, but these were the first to pop into my head. 189 more words


Asian American Femininity in the Media

This week we read The Hypersexuality of Race: performing Asian/American women on Screen and scene by Celine Parreñas Shimizu. She mentions how David Palumbo-Liu “inserts the slash between Asian and American in order to question how Asian American people persistently occupy questionable status in the United States as Asian or American- and particularly their failure to meet the racial Standards of true citizenship as part of “dynamic, unsettled” process.” I feel like this issue still persists today. 339 more words

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