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Cold Season is Here – What you need to know about cold medicine safety

This time of year brings holiday excitement, winter fun and sometimes the sniffles. There is no cure for the cold, but there are over the counter medications that can help relieve some of its symptoms. 349 more words


Referring to Historical Figures

As an Asian-American philosopher I have frequently experienced the following asymmetric attitude about discussing Asian philosophy in either an analytical or phenomenological context, that is, a context in which one brings up ideas from Asian philosophy in a discussion that is on a topic that is being discussed only from the perspective of analytical or phenomenological philosophy. 411 more words

Was it really stealing? Stealing is wrong.

First of all, let me say that I’ve never stolen anything before. Well, that was what I truly thought until I started to write and then I began to remember my dishonest and theiving past. 2,033 more words


The Model Minority

I am Asian-American and an immigrant. While I was in graduate school, a few colleagues and I were discussing race and class issues. I made a remark about what it is like to be a minority and one of my colleagues said, “You aren’t really a minority. 121 more words

Go Back

(Something a little different today. I don’t write poetry a lot, so feel free to be highly critical.)

You told me to go back home… 418 more words

Asian. Y/N?

DISCLAIMER: This was done for class credit. I’m writing about it because I actually enjoyed it.

I recently participated in a group forum discussing Asian Americans and how they should be racially perceived and marginalized during the college admissions process. 629 more words