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Publishing nudity in China: Censorship or Fear?

Another update on the publication process of my book 3.AM. As it turns out, my printer has informed me today that my book’s binding, which was supposed to be done in China, would have to done here locally in Hong Kong. 358 more words

Memory lane with Gavin Kuah

I thought I would post a few images of the cute and sexy Gavin Kuah, taken way back in 2005. Several of these photographs are featured in… 101 more words

Grinding the midnight oil on color proofs and preparing files for my 3rd photography book.

The last few weeks I have been working on my usual night time hours, where there is silence and darkness outside and around me. I have spent the entire day working on printing up my own set of color proof on my Canon Pro-1, using a semi-gloss paper that I find very pleasing to my eye. 302 more words

The Musical Seinfeld Episode

So it’s happened I am officially a “we” “Magnum PI” and I had “The Talk” and have made it official. I have started naming our Eurasian babies, planning our wedding and signing my name with his last name, and it’s a very Asian last name so I’m expecting a lot of this     (Seinfeld reference for all you gen Y  kids out there) But seriously “Magnum PI” and I are officially a couple and I’m ecstatically, annoyingly, deliriously happy. 401 more words


Korean/Black Tinder dude

*SLAP!!!* somebody could have woken me up a bit! I was already falling back
into the desire to have a boyfriend when that’s a thing I finally just got… 202 more words

Bangkok Barrio Boys

Cultural appropriation or simple appreciation?

Of course there’s a lot of inter-ethnic “imitation” throughout the world, but this is a fascinating phenomenon. This feels very different from… 61 more words