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What Women Want (我知女人心)

What Women Want is another entry in the list of unremarkable remakes of unremarkable movies. In both this version and the Mel Gibson original, a sexist adman acquires a supernatural ability to read women’s minds after he experiences a freak accident. 794 more words

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The Beast and the Beauty (야수와 미녀)

A homely guy falls in love with a beautiful girl and doesn’t much mind his looks because she’s blind. But when she gets an eye transplant, he decides he’s too unattractive for her and pretends to be on an extended work assignment in Hawaii, leaving room for his high school rival and resident hottie to make his move. 409 more words

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Please Teach Me English (영어완전정복)

Please Teach Me English gets off to a fast start. Yeong-ju (Lee Na-young) is a young public official who gets sent to an English learning center after she is unable to assist a disgruntled foreigner. 615 more words

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Your Place or Mine! (毎天愛您八小時)

Love is like waiting for a bus, we’re told in Your Place or Mine. You allow one to pass because it’s too crowded and watch another go by because there isn’t air conditioned. 662 more words

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Movie Review of the Week # 36

Oh wow it’s been a super long time since I’ve done one of these but I think it’s time i’m jumped back on the blogging horse and let’s start this with a movie review. 434 more words


Korean Cinema Reviews Vol. 4: Sunny with a Chance of Snowpierced Spells

This set of several satisfying or sensational serieses, seriously satiated my Sinema soul.  Each saw some sadness, sweetness, satire and swearing.  So much swearing.  There was more swearing in a film about teenage girls then a KJH film about finding out your girlfriend is a super spy.   831 more words

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My Beautiful Kingdom (我的美丽王国)

The Mainland film industry is eager to show off the country’s wealth and worldliness through high end fashion (e.g. Esquire Runway, Sleepless Fashion), and My Beautiful Kingdom is another notch to that totem. 616 more words

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