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Tiramisu (戀愛行星)

There’s a good movie lurking beneath the surface in Tiramisu, which plays with the ideas of fate and the afterlife. Jane (Karena Lam) and Fung (Nicholas Tse) are two strangers on a train who catch each others’ eyes and cross paths several times over the course of one day. 465 more words

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Korean Movie Reviews Vol. 6 - I am Always Happy to use Guys With Secret..Windstruck Grannies

Back by popular demand  is my laughable attempt to be a film connoisseur/critic.  From now on I will shake up the format making it easier for those of you just want to know if they should spend two hours of ones life with movie x, but still featuring plenty of nonsense baked in to each.   884 more words

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Love Lifting (高舉‧愛)

Love Lifting is the sort of movie you’d expect to end up in the bargain bin or on Lifetime’s afternoon lineup. It’s a feel good sports picture about a female weightlifter, played by former teen star Elanne Kong, who tries to make it to the top while raising her young family and overcoming illness. 414 more words

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Don't Go Breaking My Heart (單身男女)

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart posits the essential question: would you rather choose a rascally Louis Koo or an idealized Daniel Wu? The answer takes a while to arrive at, and if you don’t mind waiting a few years (that’s movie years) to figure out the answer, you might enjoy this one. 535 more words

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The Silent War (聽風者)

The Silent War promises a lot. It’s a period film beautifully wrapped in the earthy tones of 1949 China still suffering the birth pangs of nationhood. 559 more words

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Needing You (孤男寡女)

It’s a rare thing that a Hong Kong romance leaves a smile on my face and a little flutter in my heart. Rarer still when the heroine starts by whining and whimpering over a cheating boyfriend. 488 more words

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McDull: Me and My Mum (麥兜‧我和我媽媽)

Hong Kong’s favorite little porker looks a bit different this time around. In his latest film, the lovable but low-IQ McDull appears in the guise of Mak, Bobby Mak. 525 more words

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