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Asian-esque Cola Spareribs

I love ribs.  All kinds of ribs.  Short ribs.  spare ribs.  baby back ribs.  side ribs.  pork ribs.  beef ribs.  you name it, I love it.  314 more words

Food We Cook

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving all you beautiful people! Today I am thankful for getting the day off. Working in the Hospitality industry often means that I have to work all year long, especially on holidays. 60 more words

Unhelpful One Liners

Post divorce, people have given me some great lines and although at times what they say might be true, I don’t think they realise how unhelpful it is.   365 more words



For Bear on his half day at work. #Thankgivingeve


My thoughts on older and younger women

This has been weighing in my mind for a while but I’ve developed an interest in marrying women (more precisely Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) that are… 9 more words


Momofuku Ssäm Bar

Do you ever have one of those meals where everything is absolutely divine? And you find yourself smiling from ear to ear the whole time? And want to shout out praise after each bite? 891 more words


Slow Cooker Orange Chicken

I was amazed that a recipe with such little amounts of ingredients could really make such an amazing dish! This one is awesome! It’s easy…and will have your family or loved ones wanting more. 95 more words