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Aside From Being Busy

I post this message right along-side my last… or atop-side? You get my meaning, or perhaps you don’t, but that’s beside the point. A prompt always helps. 132 more words


So you lost your phone? He was a child now, leaning back in his chair, smiling.
Yea. My wallet, my phone…
Your wallet? Was there anything important inside of it?
No. Just money.

Mustafa M. Eisa

Men kiss at times like that :
남자는 그럴때 키스해요 :
Nam-ja-neun geu-rol-ttae kiss-hae-yo

men  :  남자는  :  Nam-ja (men) neun (subject)
at times like that  :  그럴때  :  geu-rol-ttae
kiss  :  키스해요  :  kiss-hae-yo (verb in jondaemal)

Oh Hye Won

Stupid day job keeping me crazy busy; not helping me to catch up on my ever-growing backlog of blog posts, leaving me with no energy to do anything but drink beer, eat take-out and binge watch Under the Dome.


Is this the last ice coffee for me?

I am almost a month without caffeine. I asked my husband if he noticed a difference and I was told absolutely. For the better if you were wondering. 239 more words