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Not only am I having a really hard time coming up with a display name that will work well across ALL of my blogs—you can apparently only have one, no matter how many blogs you author—but I have started commenting on some blog posts tonight and I have no idea how to make my name link to a blog of my choice! 12 more words

Hopefully you skip the traumatic or life-changing event and go after what you want. There is nothing holding you back but fear and outside expectations. Go for it. 9 more words


This is my first aside

this is my first aside for my website anwar17070.wordpress.com


day 229: spring

It’s the first days of spring and Plotzkey’s here. Shit’s going down and we’re holding each other up. I can hear a freight train moving past the prison and wind is gusting through my apartment. 219 more words

Practice Log

Because one year later the spat between superstar Madonna and Malawi President Joyce Banda is still trending on social media as breaking news (read the date on the article, people!!), we’ve dug into the archives to bring you this


This funny business of "saving Africa"

From a PR perspective, Hussein Kurji’s The Samaritans does little to improve the image many Kenyans have of international aid workers.  But in terms of entertainment, the new Kenyan-made online mockumentary about an NGO that “does nothing” is both hilarious and hard-hitting. 191 more words


I don’t know when I’m going to find time to do my laundry between church tomorrow and work on Monday. I don’t have any idea what I’m going to eat for lunch and dinner next week. 184 more words