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Can someone please send Tom Cruise over? Because I am starting to believe that getting a case with 60 colouring pencils from Bruynzeel is a freaking… 41 more words


It’s been raining violently since last night.  The roads are starting to flood.  And, dare I say it?  I was actually cold when I woke up this morning!


Progress Through Moby Dick

Um, well, you see….

*shuffles feet*

I’ve only just now made it through to page 300.

Only 458 more pages to go…

Blogging 101

Just as I said in the latest Continuucast, a new Bizarre Baseball Culture is coming. Tomorrow, in fact. Friday at the latest.

Thank you.

Blog Dealings

New year, new news.


Every new year on the calendar brings up this feeling that something’s going to change. Most of us seem to presume it must be something bigger and more powerful than a visual change of date on the calendar.   111 more words

Hello my dear readers;

I apologize for the delay this week. Trying to stay abreast of all of the reading I’ve had to do for class, and didn’t get a chance to write up a review by my Monday deadline. 28 more words