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Michael Morpurgo and Me: 'Singing for Mrs Pettigrew'

I started writing, as my last post declares, and I haven’t stopped. But recently, I have struggled.

So I decided, it being Easter and a four day weekend, that I would turn back to Michael Morpurgo; to be reminded of why I want to write, and hopefully to discover how. 255 more words


Michael Morpurgo and Me: Writing

Weeks ago, a friend and I went to the cinema to see War Horse. Not Spielberg’s disappointing movie adaptation of Michael Morpurgo’s novel, but the play; staged at the National Theatre in the capital and streamed to screens across the UK. 735 more words


Single Author Blogs

“You see all these sites coming out that are basically just recreating the old newspaper or magazine model. It used to be when I saw a 538 link I would click on every time, because I knew what to expect — but that’s been diluted now.

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Random Tip That Could Change Your Life, #6

Keep 2 To-Do lists. One is for tasks you need to do today, the other for ongoing or less urgent tasks. On your Today list, try to cap it at 3 items or less, marking one as the most important that must be completed today. 103 more words


Random Tip That Could Change Your Life, #5

Socialize, exercise, and meditate to clear the day’s stress instead of what most people do–binge, booze, and bitch. Exercise and meditation is for the body and mind; socializing is for the spirit. 34 more words


This is my first Aside.



I’m smarter than I think I am. Sometimes I will read or see something and a word will pop in my mind. Often times it is a word that I must have seen somewhere, but rarely. 101 more words