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CINCINNATI—Earlier this summer, we lost a true baseball man, a man perhaps unlike any other in his devotion, commitment and love for the game. On June 4th, Don Zimmer passed away. 1,236 more words


Book Bubble #7: The Agent Bryen

“Early on in Janice’s adventure, we encounter one of Rifadoft’s men, an agent named Bryen. In this scene, there is evidently some bad blood between these two.

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Thought For The Day


I really am most unhappy with the way that WordPress.com has introduced advertising and I wish to move Two Snails to a self-hosted blog. I went looking for a domain and was reminded of the imminent advent of the .scot TLD. 79 more words


Back to School

Summer is coming to an end. This weekend I’m heading back to St. Lawrence University and New York’s North Country after  a semester-long medical withdrawal. My relative inactivity lately on WordPress is due in part to the time I’ve spent these past three weeks wrapping things up here at home. 494 more words


1:15 AM

Do you know what’s better than snacking on sour blueberries and frozen yoghurt amid the humble glow of your laptop screen, blogging about lonely and peachy misadventures at fifteen minutes past one in the morning? 14 more words


T-Shirt Pre-Order Open Now!

Want to pre-order your custom Debut Event Tee? Or, if you’re unable to attend but still want to show your support, I’ll happily ship your order to you! 11 more words


As I progress with No Excuses, I realise that I’m pretty much implementing a top-down singleplayer Unreal Tournament. I’m actually okay with this, but I do wonder how much of a contortionist you’ll have to be to press all these buttons at the same time when I add the four five active abilities on top of these extra movement keys. 79 more words