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The puppy has been keeping me so busy that there has been little time to deal with anything else. I suppose that is one of the reasons that I am his guardian.  184 more words


Ever read one of those vanity cards they show after a Chuck Lorre production?

Here’s one..


Things I've Learned

  1. It’s “Muskox.” Not “Musk Ox” or “Musk Oxen.”
  2. Muskox are more closely related to goats than to cows. Or oxen, for that matter.
  3. Turns out they’re rather dangerous.
  4. 75 more words

New Title Added to Sheet Music Store

Now, the new Electro-Acoustic Quartet, Organic Circuitry, is available for purchase at my Sheet Music Store!

Rough demo recording of a practice session with Jonathan Sun (violin), Judy Kang (cello), Kay Pech (5-string), and Sarah Wallin Huff (6-string): 28 more words


I know that a lot of Arsenal fans will think that they have made a great signing in Sanchez and of course he is a splendid buy. 64 more words


News for Today - Book Bubble #3, Pre-Release CD Offer

This just in! If you like what you see and hear at my Samples for the 2014 Navona Relase page, and your heart strings are tugged to help financially back your friendly-neighborhood-composer in the creation of this AWESOME debut release, you can get your copy of… 74 more words


Professor Trym's Worst Student

In combing through my less-than-organized archives in search of something else, I came across this treasure of a letter from my piano teacher in the former Panama Canal Zone, the elegant, talented, and ever-so-patient Professor Henry Augustus Trym. 441 more words

Panama Canal Zone