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New research done in the Netherlands has shown that even ‘wild’ rats will run in the wheel if they get the chance.

They put wheels in places where there are rats and voila! 19 more words


During the last week I’ve been dealing with auditions and organizational stuff and even found the time to be interviewed by the publication I used to write for. 197 more words


I need to come to terms with my growing irrelevance.

Everyone else is obsessed with smartphones while I just don’t care. I love to play singleplayer games while the world wants 4-player co-op. 113 more words


UK: Tomorrow's Book Bonanza

There’s been a fiction-reading hiatusĀ in my life lately. About to begin a masters degree, my time has been occupied by a towering pile of history papers. 317 more words


I love late summer.

Lately I’ve been inspired to take nature pics. I’ve mostly been taking pictures of my Mom’s garden. I’ve been really noticing the bumble bees out lately. 96 more words


My only regret in life is that I did not drink more Champagne.

-John Maynard Keynes




CINCINNATIā€”Earlier this summer, we lost a true baseball man, a man perhaps unlike any other in his devotion, commitment and love for the game. On June 4th, Don Zimmer passed away. 1,236 more words