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You Can't Spell "Civilization" if You Can't Spell

I have a friend who has an advanced degree in science, but he can’t spell worth a damn. I, on the other hand, am a professional writer who failed introductory calculus. 389 more words

Eating and Dying to be human

“I am designing a system for allowing androids-myself-to gain energy from the combustion of hydrocarbons, rather than atomic cells.”

Paul raised his eyebrows. “So they will breathe and eat?”

340 more words
Food Writing

Hello, World! (And Intro to "Asimov on Numbers")

As a tutor and math-question-writer, I’m always trying to figure out not just how to effectively teach math but also how to show students that math is applicable to life. 243 more words


The mechanical man: Isaac Asimov and the robot’s ethic

Isaac Asimov (1920-1992) is commonly regarded as one of the most important and influential SF authors of the second half of 20th century. His contribution to the genre is incomparable, especially in relation to Artificial Intelligences. 1,870 more words

Science Fiction

Automata and Its Protocols Vs. Asimov's Laws of Robotics

Automata is set within the not-so-distant future where Earth has become highly irradiated due to deadly solar flares. In order to rebuild harsh areas of the world people build machines, the Automatas, to help them. 157 more words


Who Makes You Laugh or Makes You Cry?

In other words, who are your favorite writers?

As I’ve written about before, I’ve loved Harlan Ellison’s work for a very long time, but there are others. 37 more words

Il ciclo della Fondazione di Asimov arriva in televisione


Sembra che il ciclo della Fondazione scritto da Isaac Asimov approderà in TV. Il sito The Wrap riporta la notizia che Jonathan Nolan (fratello del regista… 196 more words