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The Three Laws of Robotics - Necessary and Sufficient?

In 1942 the author Isaac Asimov first introduced The Three Laws of Robotics. The laws in their original form are:

1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm; 828 more words


Book Review - "Eon" by Greg Bear

Rating: 3/5

This book represents many interesting ideas; not least of which , how (as readers) do we react to a “future vision” that is wrong? 326 more words

Book Review

I, Robot by Isaac Asimov

Through the Cracks is a review series focusing on the ones that got away. These are timeless classics that everyone has read—everyone, that is, except the reviewer, who is finally getting around to reading a book which somehow slipped through the cracks and trying to see if it’s really all it’s cracked up to be. 1,259 more words


Isaac Asimov Wisdom

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Honing Discernment & Informing Choice.
Challenging but not aiming to hurt feelings.
If its out there, & worthy of remark, well, what do you expect!? 10 more words


News on the March-laws for robots

If a self-driving car causes an accident or a surgical robot kills a patient, whose fault is it? These are some of the questions a recent report funded by the European Union sought to answer. 204 more words



/// conceptually cool indie sci fi flick with pacing issues.


1. There never seems to be a clean coffee cup in this house.  I could, I suppose, run the dishwasher more often, but then I spend extra time juggling everything to fit into the top rack so I can select the “water and energy saving Top Rack Only” feature, which is procrastination heaven; not to mention that I’ve already spent at least five solid minutes in the dish soap aisle with my phone’s calculator feature figuring out that while the 48-count dishwasher tabs cost $15.50 per hundred, and the 90-count (called “Mega-Value!”) came out at only $15.41, for some inexplicable reason the 60-count box (which was marked at price per pound instead of per 100 tab???) came out to $14.90.  756 more words