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Books have had an incredible influence on my life

Books have been a part of my life since I could get out of the house on my own. For the last several years I’ve posted brief reviews of various books; sometimes on Facebook, sometimes on LinkedIn, sometimes on B&N or Amazon, and sometimes in a blog. 302 more words

Guy's Letters

From Literature to Living Rooms: Perceptions of Robots in Society

As drones have become increasingly accessible, media outlets have been preoccupied with news stories that fuel our fears about the prospect of privacy invasion and physical harm. 836 more words

Isaac Asimov, Harbormasters, and Charter Sectors

I’m reading Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Series. The series, at least from what I gather from the first part of the book, is based on one of the main character’s study of “psychohistory,” which involves combining politics, sociology, history, economics, and psychology into a mathematical science that can be used to predict (and manipulate) future geopolitical events. 609 more words


Three Laws of Robotics: How to Live

Overtime I’ve grown skeptical of epiphanies, mostly because they pop up bi-weekly or so. It’s difficult for me to isolate what part of my mentality I hate most, because there are so many things, but the constant epiphanies is somewhere in the top five.  683 more words

More Heavenly influences

Just finished reading a book by Asimov which gave me the title for this next embellished collagraph which is 600 x 600 and even more sparkly than the first one, but has come up rather luscious.

‘Like Dust….’

Embellished collagraph


Nanotechnology and Magic Libraries

“Your assumptions are your windows to the world,” Isaac Asimov once said. “Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.” He was speaking of being open-minded about present and future possibilities. 709 more words


The Return of Serial Fiction

A hundred years ago the nature of the novel was changing. In the mid-nineteenth century, novels were so expensive, stories were broken down into sections and published in monthly magazines. 447 more words