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Robert Reed's "Night Calls"

I’m currently reading (actually listening to the audio book) Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series and it reminded me of “Nightfall”, one of his short stories. It also reminded me of Robert Reed’s short story “Night Calls”, which apparently pays homage to “Nightfall”. 224 more words


Books quiz

Another quiz post, answers later.

1) Which of these old fashioned book sizes is the smallest – duodecimo, octavo or quarto?
2) Which gothic novel is alternatively titled ‘The Modern Prometheus’? 138 more words


Thought of the day

The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.

- Asimov, I

Thoughts & Theories

Artificial Super-intelligence Poses an Existential Threat to Mankind

Artificial super-intelligence. Billed to be one of the largest advancements in our technological capabilities as yet to be achieved within the current century. Over 80% of experts in the field predict the emergence of such computational genius to occur within the next 5-100 years with the median estimate being around 2045. 930 more words
Difficulty 1

Book Review: Forward the Foundation

I’ve saved this book for over twenty years
And only read it now
And since it is only nominally science fiction
But really a sort of lyrical musing on aging… 222 more words

Original Poems

Pure Ecstasy:A Science Fiction Short Story

I wrote a short story for the Wells Literature Festival competition. Chances are I’ll never hear back so in the interests of getting my work recognised to some small degree I’m posting it here. 2,115 more words


Literature vs. Disruptive technology

The epic verbal battle of the summer belongs to the much publicized negotiations between Hachette and Amazon. Megastars like Stephen King and Nora Roberts, battalions of indie authors, publishers of every size, and even the New York Times chimed in with their take on which corporation is the “bad guy”. 473 more words

Arrogant Professors