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Pure Ecstasy:A Science Fiction Short Story

I wrote a short story for the Wells Literature Festival competition. Chances are I’ll never hear back so in the interests of getting my work recognised to some small degree I’m posting it here. 2,115 more words


Literature vs. Disruptive technology

The epic verbal battle of the summer belongs to the much publicized negotiations between Hachette and Amazon. Megastars like Stephen King and Nora Roberts, battalions of indie authors, publishers of every size, and even the New York Times chimed in with their take on which corporation is the “bad guy”. 473 more words

Arrogant Professors

Un Robot Llamado Asimov

Una época en que la Tierra se ha cubierto de nieve y donde aparentemente sólo existen Imaní y Abba, su hija, hasta que llega a sus vidas un niño cuyo nombre es Asimov. 444 more words

Let's Go To the Hugos: 1984!

The 2014 Hugo Awards ceremony is this Sunday, August 17th at LonCon3. As we count down to the big day, let’s review the best novel nominees from previous decades. 422 more words

Science Fiction

3 Sci-Fi Short Films in 1 Showdown. MAKE IT SO!

I love short films. I love sci-fi (I’m about to read the 3rd book in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation saga). Tomorrow, as part of a deeply personal 4 year… 88 more words


Hexwood (Diana Wynne Jones)

When this book was first published twenty years ago, I was in its target audience. It’s now out of print, but you can find/order just about anything at a good bookshop. 1,188 more words


Day One Hundred and Fifteen: Wasp

Master mason with mashed maché, you chew wood and pulp it to paper, mouth mortar and regurgitated brickwork. All of it becomes hidden castles and structures of Asimovian design, space cities, coned conglomerations. 65 more words