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Is using soap an important step in handwashing?

Answered by Tamara Cox, RN, HPPS Division Director, Eastern Idaho Public Health District

“Twinkle, Twinkle, little star….” You sing to yourself, as you are washing your hands like Mom has taught you to do, since you were tiny. 581 more words


Do trees grow new leaves through the growing season or are all the leaves budded out in the spring?

Answered by Amy Forman, Botanist, GSS ESER Program, www.gsseser.com

Both! In temperate climates like ours, there are two common growth patterns. Some species exhibit a fixed-growth pattern where stem and leaf structures are formed in the bud during one growing season and after overwintering, the resulting shoot elongates into fully formed stems and leaves during a few weeks the following spring. 383 more words