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Ask Asa: Christmas decoration safety

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Christmas decorations are beautiful, but did you know they could also be a safety hazard?!

Your Christmas tree might be pretty, but it can also be dangerous. 298 more words

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Ask Asa: Safe Toy Shopping

SAVANNAH, Ga. – This holiday season parents are stocking up on toys for under the tree. But some toys aren’t safe for your kids.

Playtime is not only fun for your kids and helping them to stretch their minds and muscle. 234 more words

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Ask Asa: Know what's on your 'CLUE Report!'

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Did you know companies monitor everything about you? Your medical history, even how many checks you write. They compile that info into CLUE and MIB reports and what’s on them could hurt you! 281 more words

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Ask Asa: Never pay for a credit report again

SAVANNAH, Ga (WJCL) — Your credit report and what’s on it could cost you thousands, or even keep you from buying a house. But did you know getting a copy of that report should always be free? 331 more words

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Ask Asa: When is the extra money worth it?

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Is pet insurance a good deal? What about premium gas? Consumer expert Asa Aarons Smith tells us where our buck is best spent. 324 more words

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Ask Asa: Consumer Issues

Consumer reporter Asa Aarons Smith takes another look at ways to make gift giving stress free and less expensive.

Online sales still make up less than seven percent of the annual retail trade. 210 more words


Ask Asa: Don't get burned by Christmas returns

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Did you know the retail industry keeps track of your returns? They do… Asa Aarons Smith tells us how to keep that record from harming you  & get great service too. 197 more words

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