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A Thanksgiving Love Letter to Writers...and the Indie Revolution

My blog posts are usually for readers, not writers, but in the light of the coming Thanksgiving holiday I thought I’d make a bit of an exception. 1,626 more words

Retro Post Monday: my poem "Franklin's kite"

This week we go back in time to take another peek at “Franklin’s kite” – a quick love poem inspired by my son’s American history homework. Enjoy!



Friday Poetry: "A new cure"

Each day I collect couch cushion pennies

Lincoln wheat copper zinc

in a dented tin bucket that I stored secretly

under our bed until the time came for me… 241 more words

Flash Fiction

Hello World!

Good morning! Good morning! Good morning to all!

Or good night, as the case may be. I have just said goodnight to my lovely American friends. 614 more words

Retro Post Monday: "Seated at the right hand"

This week for Retro Post Monday, please go back in time and enjoy my poem “Seated at the right hand”:


“Seated at the right hand” originally appeared in my book, “Gas Station Road Map” available at Amazon.

Flash Fiction

Chaos, John Dolan, and One Helluva Scavenger Hunt

John Dolan is back in the Cold and I couldn’t be more delighted. And this time he brings with him a co-conspirator, the illustrious Fiona Quinn, with whom he has written a brand-spanking new thriller: CHAOS IS COME AGAIN. 549 more words