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Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day 


With Labor Day weekend taking off, it’s the last time you can enjoy the summer weather and fashion. So, wear something that makes a statement, but is still BBQ casual. 73 more words


Fat-shionista #573

Another day in Seattle! And it’s nice and chilly today. Slight drizzling throughout the morning and afternoon so far but I’ve kept mostly warm and dry popping in and out of shops. 44 more words


Style // I Want...H&M


Okay so the last “I Want…” post was all about ASOS and this time around H&M is the star of the show. H&M is closely behind ASOS in my list of favourite shops EVER. 716 more words



Keep it simple, stupid.

The name of the game here is minimalism, and that means strict rules and a few key players. All black everything is always a good idea, and it’s my go-to when the contents of my closet are draped across the floor and I’m screaming The Smiths, “I would go out tonight but I haven’t got a stitch to wear.” The irony of not having anything to wear isn’t lost on me, especially considering that I just bought another set of storage drawers today. 320 more words

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