AJAX Client-Side Life Cycle Events

The Microsoft AJAX Library also includes a client-based event life cycle. You can use this life cycle to intercept events when the page runs, and load your code as required. 342 more words


What is ASP.NET AJAX ?

ASP.NET includes many components that help to enable AJAX features for developers. These components have a common goal:-

To improve the user’s experience by providing developers with the ability to create more responsive web applications. 1,223 more words


Resources for webinar "Integrate Video and Photos in your ASP.NET applications with ease"

On Jul 12 2014, we conducted a webinar titled “Integrate Video and Photos in your ASP.NET applications with ease”. This is part of the monthly webinars we have been doing here in Telerik India. 603 more words


Trigger in ASP.NET Ajax Update Panel

In ASP.NET Ajax update panel there are two triggers to trigger an action asyncpostback trigger and postback trigger.The asyncpostback trigger is used to trigger the partial page actions and postback trigger is useful during complete refreshing of page.It can be illustrated through the following example… 381 more words


Simple Tutorial on How to Show & Hide Ajax ModalPopupExtender.

Today i am going to show a small tutorial on how to show and hide modal popup extender.Before starting the topic lets first grab some points about what is a modal popup extender and some usefull properties of the same. 726 more words