Browser back button - Prevent displaying of previous pages after logout - Cookie based approach

Prevent displaying of previous pages after logout

Client browser application caches page for performance reason. In this case when user clicks on back (browser back button) it shows previous page from cache. 396 more words


Autocomplete Textbox in ASP.Net MVC 4 with Jquery and JSON

In following code, I have created a textbox using Razor syntax also placed the references of required libraries to run jQuery Autocomplete. I have attached the autocomplete functionality with ‘Country’ ID and then making an Ajax call to Home controller’s AutoCompleteCountry method with parameter term: request.term, this method will return JSON data. 162 more words


JQuery Auto complete work with bakcode by using asp.net mvc

Recently to convert the new website, I have a bookinng form for the clients to finished the booking,there is some exiting data need to using auto complete. 143 more words

Asp.net In C#

Asp.net MVC 4 Bundling and Minification feature and including this feature in MVC3 and Asp.Net 4.0

Introduction :

ASP.NET MVC 4 provides bundling and minification of CSS and JavaScript, which reduces the number of HTTP Requests and payload size resulting in faster and better performing ASP.NET MVC Websites. 957 more words

Asp.Net MVC

Use Git with Visual Studio 2012 and 2013

What is GIT ?

i found the best definition of Git on Visual Studio itself , here it is :

Git is free and open source distributed version control system which handles small and large project very efficiently.Code posted using free account will be publicly available , for private repository you will have to buy paid plans of github. 343 more words


Real Time Web with SignalR and ASP.NET MVC

This afternoon I was thinking about an app where users will be notified in real time. Some suggestions were raised but at the moment I think only Node.JS and SignalR are the most viable candidate for this scenario. 790 more words


Create your first custom HTML Helper

What is a Mvc Helper?

ASP.Net Mvc Helpers are classes used in Razor views to leave a clean view.

This code is a example : 288 more words

ASP.Net Mvc