Getting started with ASP.Net Web API 2 using CodeFirst


In this article I will show a complete walk through of building Restful services using asp.net WebAPI 2 and Entity Framework Code first approach. 2,430 more words


URL Routing in ASP.NET

ASP.NET MVC and the ASP.NET Web API both frameworks offer a powerful feature called Routing for responding to HTTP requests within an application. ASP.NET routing helps to use URLs that do not map to specific physical files in a Web site. 1,247 more words


Repository Pattern in ASP.NET MVC

The term “Repository” itself defines what it does in MVC or you can say the role it plays in MVC.

In simple sentence, you can say it stores the information about a specific thing(in our case, it is Entity). 409 more words


Asp.Net MVC vs Asp.Net Web application

ASP.NET Web Forms

There are few limitations of web forms which are seen as drawbacks and the main cause for ASP.Net MVC requirement.

1. Web Forms is built around an event-driven page life cycle where events are raised as the page is being rendered. 1,288 more words


How to create Html Helper in Asp.net MVC using Extension Method ?


There are 2 option to create the Htmlheplers in Asp.net MVC i.e

1. using C# Extension Method
2. Using Razor declaration @Helper Sysntax

Here we will create very simple htmlhelper i.e Truncate. 163 more words

Asp.net MVC

Sending a Stream in Ajax PostBack action

Here, I share my knowledge on sending a stream in AjaxPostback action which I used in my MVC project to access the stream in HomeController again. 212 more words