Embed custom web fonts with CSS

■ Theory

The theory is well-known: When you have a corporate font that you *HAVE TO* use on the publicly available parts of your web, then you can include the font the same way as you include images. 424 more words


Setting Up Dependency Injection in ASP.NET MVC with AutoFac

There are lots of IOC (Inversion of Control) containers out there that you can use to do dependency injection in your ASP.NET MVC project.  Honestly, most of them are pretty good, and having chosen to use one is really far more important than which one in most cases.  1,180 more words


How to implement jquery accordion in asp.net MVC

It is very straight forward to implement jquery accordion in asp.net MVC. If we have to implement any jquery UI widgets in asp.net mvc  there will be no need to do any extra work. 365 more words


Learn MVC (Model View Controller) step by step in 7 days

About the Authors

Just a quick word on both the author’s. Both Shivprasad Koirala and Sukesh Marla are professional MVC trainers you catch them every Saturday and Sunday in Andheri Mumbai where they teach MVC on a weekly basis…

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Routing Basics in ASP.NET MVC

This post covers the most basic and fundamental concepts of routing as applied to the ASP.NET MVC framework.
I5-and-I405-by-andrew-morton-500When getting started with ASP.NET MVC and/or the ASP.NET Web API, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out how it all works. 2,690 more words


Indexing your MS SQL Database to improve performance

Hello again!  It’s been a long time since my last publication, but its better late than never.  My topic today is how to improve database performance to make your application efficient.   192 more words

Microsoft Access

Consuming WCF web service in a ASP.NET MVC project

In this article you will learn how to consume WCF web service in a ASP.NET MVC project using ADO.NET Entity Data Model. 837 more words