Evento: DotNetToscana - Creare App per Office 365 e SharePoint 2013 con ASP.NET MVC 5

La community DotNetToscana ha organizzato questo ottimo evento, in cui verrà illustrato il nuovo “App-Model” introdotto dalla nuova versione di Office 365 e da SharePoint 2013… 97 more words


Exploring Enums support in ASP.NET MVC 5.1 - Part 2

This is second part of the series of exploring enums support in ASP.NET MVC 5.1 that was recently got released with Visual Studio 2013 Update 2. 641 more words


KendoUI: Understanding ToDataSourceResult

Using server filtering is rather easy with Kendo UI MVC, unless your new to it.  Then that first couple hours is pretty frustrating untill you find the right article, information and samples.   767 more words


ASP.NET MVC Model Binding and the Kendo UI Trigger method.

The current project that I am working on is an ASP.NET MVC application that makes use of Telerik Kendo UI controls. This is my first time to use this suite of controls and I am very pleased with the features/functionality that Telerik has implemented with Kendo UI. 408 more words


A Quick tip on adding dependency injection

I ran into the need today to move quite a number of classes into dependency injection. This can be a bit of a pain as you have to go through a ton of places to find where the class is used and get it out of the DI container instead of simply newing it up. 122 more words

Development Basics

Asp.Net MVC - How to install/uninstall nuget packages

Installing the Package:

Example:  install-package jquery -version 1.9.0

Uninstalling the Package:

Example: Uninstall-Package jquery -version 1.9.0 -Force


Asp.Net MVC

ASP.Net MVC – Access denied error when debugging

I have been practising ASP.NET MVC using Visual Studio 2012 and 2013. On creating a new project using the “ASP.NET MVC4 Application”, I get an error 404 page not found, while running and debugging the application. 20 more words