Unsupported Project Type: Why won't my Visual Studio project load?

One of Visual Studio’s least helpful habits is that when you open a solution and one of the projects cannot be loaded, it simply gives you the unhelpful message the the project is of an unsupported type. 289 more words


How to change model values before validating in ASP.NET MVC?

Sometimes, it is necessary to make modifications to your mvc model before they are validated.  For example, if you define an integer data type  and allow users to enter commas in the integer, when the form is submitted, the validation will fail because by default, the MVC framework will not recognize numeric strings with commas as integers. 235 more words

Asp.net Mvc

Getting version of asp.net MVC in current application

We can get asp.net MVC version in an application

1) By going in references => right click System.Web.MVC and properties.

2)  typeof(Controller).Assembly.GetName().Version.ToString()


Asif Hameed… 11 more words

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Asp.Net MVC Bundles tip

It was been a while from last time I did wort any thing on my blog, thus I’ve decided to write random development tips in the vast area of web development using different technologies asp.net web forms, asp.net mvc,  HTML 5, JavaScript, angular js, etc. 74 more words


ASP.NET MVC I18n – Part 10: Finish

This is it. The complete overview of localizing a regular MVC based web application.

Here’s what we covered in this series, shown in context. The image contains links to the respective posts: 425 more words


ViewBag vs ViewData vs TempData on ASP .NET MVC

What are the differences?

ViewData is a dictionary object which you can put data in and then it becomes available to the view. You can access the ViewData using the key/value syntax. 66 more words


ASP.Net MVC 4 Bundles Ignore List

.min JavaScript Files

It all started when I tried to bundle a .min JavaScript file in my ASP.Net MVC 4 application. MVC just completely ignore any .min files I have in BundleConfig.cs. 260 more words