Use Git with Visual Studio 2012 and 2013

What is GIT ?

i found the best definition of Git on Visual Studio itself , here it is :

Git is free and open source distributed version control system which handles small and large project very efficiently.Code posted using free account will be publicly available , for private repository you will have to buy paid plans of github. 343 more words


Real Time Web with SignalR and ASP.NET MVC

This afternoon I was thinking about an app where users will be notified in real time. Some suggestions were raised but at the moment I think only Node.JS and SignalR are the most viable candidate for this scenario. 790 more words


Create your first custom HTML Helper

What is a Mvc Helper?

ASP.Net Mvc Helpers are classes used in Razor views to leave a clean view.

This code is a example : 288 more words

ASP.Net Mvc

Angular.NET – Helpers for ASP .NET MVC 4

ASP .NET MVC is a great web-server framework and, in my opinion, a HUGE improvement over regular ASP .NET WebForms. Among many features, it has routing, helper methods to generate views, declarative model validation (data annotations), automatic model binding for different media types (with model validation), support for dependency injection, etc. 1,344 more words


Learning Paths

With so many tutorials, articles and resources available out there on the Internet, learning new programming language, framework and library become much more easier. However, as much as its advantage, readily available resources have also become its own problem: where should I start? 507 more words


Compile MVC Views in Visual Studio

Sometimes while developing a project I may need to change a bunch of models. This inevitably leads me to hunting down these changes in various cshtml views. 114 more words

LinkedIn OAuth 2.0 issue - Invalid redirect_uri. This value must match a URL registered with the API Key.

I was working on a feature where the application should allow users to use their LinkedIn account to login into the application. I am using ASP.NET MVC, LinkedIn OAuth 2.0 and owin.security.providers library. 155 more words