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Galactic API Just Released!

I’m a programmer by day and like most I hope to be able to build software that will help the world in some way. Toward that end, I’ve just released a class library in C# that is the culmination of six years of work on personal and professional projects I’ve been a part of since 2009. 84 more words

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My first experience with Mac

My first experience with Mac

I have bee programming for past 10+ years. Like many programmers, I have an addiction to gadgets. And ever since I have seen Mac, I really wanted to own one. 340 more words

ASP.NET 5 applications in Linux Containers with Docker!!!!!!!!!

Docker is an open source project that makes it easier to run applications in sandboxed application containers on Linux.Once Windows client for Docker is available, you will be able to run these commands on Windows and once Windows Server container support comes out you will be able to use Docker to manage Windows Server containers. 50 more words


IIS HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable

Hi, Setting up a new virtual directory/application in IIS, Is it giving this wired error when you try to browse to localhost saying “HTTP Error 503. 249 more words

Http 503

From Asp.net MVC using Angular JS how to upload files to sharepoint list/lib

REG: The requirement is to get and put the data to sharepoint from .net MVC using Angular JS

Create a ASP.NET MVC Application and install jquery and Angular JS from Nuget. 752 more words


ASP.Net MVC: Run a program to access Google Drive folder in c# on a Proxy Network

To run a MVC or ASP.Net program on a Proxy Server to access Google Drive details, you have to only add some lines of code. Without adding these number of codes, you won’t be able to run the application. 54 more words

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Publish an ASP.NET MVC5 website to Microsoft Azure

Video Tutorial to Publish an ASP.NET MVC5 website to Microsoft Azure