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Getting Well

So last Friday I woke up kinda nauseated. That turned into really nauseated. And with a fever. And body aches. And, oh, chills are what I needed at that point. 439 more words


Asparagus-Parmesan Salad with Garlic Croutons

I rarely think about asparagus without remembering living in Germany and seeing the piles of white asparagus or spargel that the Germans prized so highly… 866 more words


Italian Sausage and Spring Veggie Pasta

I like pasta in the spring with fresh veggies, no tomatoes. This is a simple pasta that uses what is in season. We like hot Italian sausage but sweet would be good too. 194 more words


Roasted Asparagus Spears

Inspired by the wonderful Cottage Grove House blog which reminded me what a great idea this was, I rummaged about a bit this weekend to emerge with fresh asparagus spears and bayonne ham as a sort of tapas for partners Birthday lunch today. 131 more words

Baked Yumminess


My first memories of wild asparagus date back to 1976. I was too young to have read Euell Gibbons book, “Stalking the Wild Asparagus” but I was old enough to remember walking the canal behind my grandparents house with my grandfather looking for little green asparagus nobs poking through the moist dirt. 361 more words

Wild Vegtables

Grilled Lamb Noisettes with Pomme Maxim and Minted Hollandaise

Sometimes the more I learn about a French word the more confused I get. For example, the word noisette in French means ‘hazelnut’. This makes perfect sense in describing pomme noisette (little balls of potato pan-fried in butter until golden brown, i.e. 637 more words

Superior Cuisine

Asparagus Recipes

Spring is here and so is asparagus season. I am lucky that my whole family loves asparagus, and we eat is regularly as a simple side dish. 131 more words