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The pet lovers' dreaded debate

A few years ago, I started planning an article to send to a pet related magazine. Which brings me to this post’s topic. I’m sure I’ve definitely touched upon it here before, but it is one that will set my teeth on edge until its opposing sides officially call a truce. 566 more words

Not allowing myself peace- Anxiety and Me

Throughout much of my life, anxiety has been an unavoidable burden for me; a consistent obstacle to long-term serenity and self-confidence. No matter how much I try to escape it or reduce it by getting some work done, playing video games, doing a bit of exercise, and talking about it with counselors and therapists – it always finds a way to take over my thoughts and slow down my productivity. 1,049 more words


Solar Eclipse of the Heart

I wish I understood my mother’s reaction to other people’s deaths; maybe there’s more to it than what she shows. The day after her mother died, my mother implemented her standard death protocol: she called each of her children to solemnly report the news. 642 more words

Aspergers Syndrome

It's Official


My girls are autistic.

“High Functioning Asperger’s Syndrome with generalised anxiety disorder, precociously advanced speech and low muscle tone. And significant IQ.”


Is it wrong that I’m proud? 14 more words

Autism Spectrum

New improved drug craze

Woo. I’m on drugs. How excitement. After spending much of the first half of this year trying to bootstrap my mood back towards OK after my partner lost his shit and became psychotic last year, I finally realised that maybe, just maybe, something was wrong. 682 more words

Aspergers Syndrome

Past Emmeline's Epic Mental Manipulation

Today I finished the first stage of collating my research, which involved finding all the notes and transcripts and putting them in a folder together, and then saving that folder in three different places… 916 more words

Oops, I Said The 'A' Word

Kindergarten here we come! I’m excited and nervous all at once. It was a tough decision but it seems like the best fit for our son in the long run. 323 more words