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Forever and ever mine is for you.
My flesh and my blood and my soul.
No manner of weapon can undo the binds.
That join us and make us both whole. 52 more words



Disrespect the decisions I’ve made.
Belittle my history.
Tell me that I am inadequate.
From that perspective you’ll see.
That I’ve done things others could never accomplish. 94 more words


What changes?

I recently wrote a short post about diagnosis, and my concerns about labeling people, especially when they’re very young.

Since then, a couple of things have happened which gave me fresh concern. 194 more words


Another day, another thought... about a sociopath

Trying to shake it, man.

Trying to get a psycho out from under my skin.

Twelve years. For 12 years I let my ‘best friend’ warp my mind with his poisonous self. 340 more words


A 4 am visit with rejection and failure

Every once in a while, I go through this phase where I feel really terrible about myself.  It’s usually following one specific event but right now, I can’t exactly pinpoint one particular circumstance that has put me in this place.  1,447 more words

My Crazy Life

Rage match

The finish line is in sight. I’ve been winning the whole race. Then, like an incarnation of the goddess of bullshit, Mario Kart’s infamous blue shell swoops down and blows me up a few meters short of the line. 381 more words

i felt normal on a monday

My whole weekend was spent recharging. I read, I drew, I listened to music, I watched a couple movies I had wanted to see. Monday morning — I felt good, I felt ready to take on the world and challenge my limits. 234 more words