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We did it. Seven years of work from Troy and I, from all his teachers, and most of all from Nicholai, and he’s finished primary school. 857 more words



The word ‘autisticality’ was actually coined by my friend. Although I’m sure other people have said it before too; it’s quite a natural word to create, really. 268 more words


12/17/14 - Guideposts

Another day, another interview, another headache, and another videoconference with the kids.  Although Hunter is no longer talking to me on screen this week, just a little talk off camera. 409 more words

Divorcing A Borderline Partner (BPD) Daily Journal

The Importance of Proper Representation in Education

If you have been following our twitter feed lately you may have noticed that we have been asking our followers about the best ways to gauge the progress of individuals with ASC in a mainstream educational setting. 1,028 more words


Day #99 - Mustard Cheeks

Opposite of yesterday – hyposensitivty to oral stimulation.  These children (and adults) have low oral tone and little awareness of what’s going on inside of (and around) their mouth.   563 more words

A Spectrum as Wide as the Human Experience

I talk a lot on this blog about the things being an autism parent has taught me. Among the most important: learning to recognize difference in others and place it into perspective. 2,408 more words



Mealtime can be a challenging time for many sensory kids. This can be due to attentional issues, fine motor challenges making utensils difficult, or Sensory Processing Disorder that brings challenges with the texture, smell, and taste of many foods. 373 more words