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Food is a notorious issue for many autistic people, and I am definitely included.

I’ve always been a legendarily ‘picky eater’. From the age I could express a preference, I demanded that foods on my plate not be touching. 408 more words


Accommodating each other’s autism.

Accommodating someone’s autism can be difficult when you are sharing a house with them.  But if there is more than one autistic person in a house it can be even more difficult for them to accommodate each other’s autism, for example you could have one person who absolutely hates the smell of a certain food, and another person who will only eat that particular food.  762 more words

Laundry on My Wedding Day

“Oh! Sarah!”

That evening, maybe an hour after returning home from my afternoon wedding and reception, my mother stopped me in the hallway while I was carrying a tray of wine and lemonade to the living room that had grown lively with my siblings and their families, some out-of-town friends, and my five- and seven-year-old sons from my former marriage. 729 more words

Aspergers Syndrome

Debunking 9 Truly Evil Things Right-Wing Christians Do Part 4

How do we handle the issue of childbirth? Let’s talk about it on Deeper Waters.

Once again, I return us to my wife Allie who has written part four in her own series. 756 more words


what am i scared of?

A lady asked mum today on twitter

@helenhamill has Fionn ever written about being afraid of everything? Perhaps he isn’t :)

and mum searched through my blogs…and other than CLOWNS which do scare me and i did a blog about that  before last year… 491 more words

Fionn's Views

Featured Advocate: Bec from 1, 2, 3 with ASD 8/15

Bec: I am an advocate so I can  help other individuals and families who deal with Autism Spectrum Disorder and related conditions every day. I feel I am able to give a unique perspective on many issues because, while I am the parent of a 9 yr old son with severe autism and a 7 yr old daughter with Asperger’s Syndrome, I also have ASD myself. 237 more words

Alls Fair In Love & War

A saying we are all used to hearing yes?

‘All’s fair in love and war’ But what can we really take from that?

That love and hate are two very similar emotions as they happen right next to each other in the brain often the two feelings get mixed. 450 more words