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9/19/14 - Nothin' Much To Say Today

Starting the first of the trial run the 1:2:0:1 weekends. Daughter is with me this weekend. Son was heart broken when I stopped by the house to pickup daughters bag. 709 more words

Divorcing A Borderline Partner (BPD) Daily Journal

Full Circle

How is possible that within this last week I have had my girls last IEP meeting ever, AND I resigned from the day job that ends my daily life in the school district?? 329 more words

I'm Not Saying You Should Medicate Your Kid, But Here's Why I Medicate Mine

A couple of things before I grace you with my brilliant words:

As I stated multiple times in my Mental Heath post, I am not an expert. 1,766 more words


Be me...

Be me
Before you say those words
Be me
Before you are heard
Be me
Before my time is through
Be me
Just do what I do… 43 more words


Under your hammer...

Finally broken under your hammer
Lock me up in a cage
Put me in the slammer
For imagined crimes
Tainted with rage
Written in rhymes… 110 more words


Quite shoddy...

Being of non-sane mind and body
I commit myself wholly to rhyme
Despite the fact that they’re quite shoddy
I still put in effort and time… 114 more words


Changes #Autism #Aspie #Aspergers

Hello everyone,

There have been a lot of enormous changes in my life this year and a lot of personal self growth.

But what do you do when it’s not enough? 42 more words