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Day 2.1: Frustration got the better of me.

Tonight I got pretty badly stressed out. I went out and bought that heavy bag. I would rather punch my frustrations out on that instead of holding them in. 247 more words


Aspergirls and Emotions - why she is always misunderstood as being cold and aloof

It is a common misconception that Aspergirls do not feel any emotions. I dispute that myth completely and utterly. Aspergirls are actually the most sensitive, loving and caring creatures ever to walk this planet. 790 more words


"Must be Aspie": Limiting one's self to dating within the spectrum

I don’t know about you, but to me, courtship is like juggling bars of wet soap while blindfolded, walking a tightrope, and reciting Shakespeare in Elvish. 278 more words

9/1/14 - Thanks For Spending Time With The Kids

Interesting holiday weekend. The last two days I’ve been going to the pool / dinner / movie with everyone. It’s her weekend so I shouldn’t see the kids at all, but I know Hunter is lonely and needs a little break. 1,040 more words

Divorcing A Borderline Partner (BPD) Daily Journal

The Big Hairy Scary Unknown

I am lying on bed now, preparing for sleep and I can feel heart thumping. I genuinely believe I am as scared as I am excited and I have never looked forward to anything as much as this in my life. 299 more words


I'll take autism with that holiday please

It’s 5:24am and it’s Labor Day.

Washing machine going, dryer on.

It’s Monday, yup that’s a wash day….but it’s a holiday.

Scamper…scamper….pitter pat….pitter pat…buzz…buzz. “oops….that’s not right,” beep…beep…”oh no, that’s not right,” “I can try again,” beep….beep…. 622 more words