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Living with Asperger's Syndrome

It became a daily routine for me to search the Internet for information for Asperger’s,not only ever since one of my children was diagnosed but when I was diagnosed too,the known story,child gets diagnosed,parent does too.I find plenty of articles,so many that at the beginning I didn’t know which one to believe but yesterday,I  found this one,accidentally. 1,508 more words


Winds of Change

It started last night. I was finishing some decorating at about eleven p.m. when suddenly


Fell off my ladder.


The familiar racing heart skip that indicates that my mind knows what is about to happen. 210 more words


Meltdowns Suck (when little things are a big deal and break my son's heart)

Meltdowns are an unfortunate part of my son’s life. For those of you reading this who do not understand what a meltdown is, let me try and explain. 468 more words


When there's talk of suicide

Of all the topics this blog will ever address, “atypical young people and suicidal thoughts” is probably the most sensitive, emotional, and uncomfortable. Below is my attempt at shining some light on this high-stakes “elephant in the room.” If, in reading what follows, you find errors to correct or have additional information to share, please please… 2,113 more words


Next to no one

It’s 1am and I find myself questioning whether I’m lying in this bed because I want to or because the high from your appreciation and gentle touch somehow makes the pain disappear, and it’s not really wanting it, but desperately needing it. 104 more words


Optional autism code on driver's licenses: New law hits speed bump with some

I’m generally an optimistic person. But I always like to be aware of the potential downside of things — particularly when it concerns laws and regulations related to people on the autism spectrum. 264 more words


Work and Asperger's

So, today I got the form to fill in. On it they ask whether “I consider myself to have a disability.” That is somewhat sneaky. I *am* legally disabled, that *is* a fact, but they cannot really ask that. 255 more words