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Autism rates steady for two decades

A University of Queensland study has found no evidence of an increase in autism in the past 20 years, countering reports that the rates of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are on the rise. 289 more words

Mental Health

Introducing Don Tillman, your new best friend.

Book Review: The Rosie Project Graeme Simsion

My friend has a thing about eating Skittles properly. Yeah, I know. Is there a proper way to eat Skittles? 872 more words


Aspergers and Exams

This topic was suggested to me by a friend of mine on Facebook when I was touting for ideas as to what to write. She suggested that I approach this topic due to the time of year when exam results are on a lot of people’s minds in the United Kingdom and a lot of people with Aspergers may now be panicking about transitioning on to the next period of their life. 2,068 more words

Autism Research

I have just discovered the ground-breaking work of the UK -based Autism Research Centre. Their discoveries and reports on adult autism – especially on those areas where there is very little research eg. 47 more words



It just occurred to me that many times my views on equality have been called racist or discriminatory.

Do you know what my views are? That everyone, every single person on earth, should be treated the same. 239 more words

Undiagnosed Autism Aspergers in Adults

Autism/Aspergers syndrome is a developmental disorder. Autistic children grow up to be Autis…

It wasn’t until Andee was 44 years old that she was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. 12 more words


I Could Be Ticked Off, But I'm Too Bleepin' Excited

Greetings from Happily Ticked Off. Remember me? That once faithful blogger who helped you navigate through the highs and lows of tics? The person who gave you all sorts of encouragement when you felt worse than a nit in your kid’s hair after a session with the lice lady? 713 more words