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7/23/14 - Taking the Day Off

Took the entire day off. No work, no meetings, no nothin’. Tried to keep my head together and play nice in the sand box. Offered to rip some movies and upload them on my old iPad (original version) for her trip to Seattle and got cordial texts from Hunter. 895 more words

Divorcing A Borderline Partner (BPD) Daily Journal

A Social Thinking Lesson

Disclaimer: As per usual, this post is completely unedited. And I’m tired. So it is likely hard to follow and doesn’t make sense. And I realize that I say that all the time but this time it REALLY is a mess. 1,173 more words

I Forgot What I Was Saying

This morning I was so excited at the idea of starting this blog.  I was more excited that I DID start this blog.
It was shortly after those moments that I was called away to help glue tiny parts to a model that Liam is working on. 403 more words


Can I Be "Frank" With You?

Can I be “frank” with you for a few minutes?  Frankincense has become one of my favorite essential oils.  In fact, this oil is known around here as “Frank.” 248 more words

Montreal, Day Four

Yesterday morning we went over the itinerary. We were going to walk to the Biodome, which is in Montreal’s Olympic Park (and is, I believe, inside a former Olympic stadium). 1,272 more words

I'm starting here.

My clock stopped today. It has been in my life since I was an infant. It has a very loud winding sound that has been the background music to my life. 295 more words


Tests - maybe I was wrong

I’ve done quite a few of the online tests for Asperger’s, but yesterday was the first time I’d tried the Reading the Mind in the Eyes test… 687 more words