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The Aftermath of my ER Visit

I went to the ER today.  Life has basically been kicking my ass and I don’t know how to fix it.  While I haven’t been very suicidal lately, I have had thoughts that my only way out of this emptiness is death.   400 more words

I'm so sick of life right now...

I am feeling emotional tonight. And I’m not surprised. I got my period this morning and it’s messing with my head. And even though I KNOW these thoughts and feelings are only a temporary insanity while I bleed like a waterfall and not really true, it doesn’t matter because they FEEL real right now in this moment. 964 more words


It isn't always roses ...

On the days when it is going well, and we are trotting along in our own quirky way, it is easy to forget that the myself and my girls are Autistic. 109 more words


I've reached the end of my rope

I don’t feel anything.  I don’t care at all.  It just feels like I simply can’t care anymore.  I really don’t know what to do.  I do not want to die or anything, I just don’t care.   251 more words

Let it go - autism version

So a girl who was diagnosed in her later years decided to re-write the lyrics to the hit song “let it go” from Frozen and I want to hug her, she’s hit the nail on the head and I have a small feeling that this will work for anyone with a mental health issue not just those on the spectrum. 107 more words

Cape Town

Student Shenanigans: Breaking the Ice

So I’m a University student now. Well, I guess I was before, but it was always tricky to designate myself as “going to University” when geographically, I wasn’t going anywhere at all. 565 more words