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I have to do laundry today.

I hate laundry days. I put it off as long as I possibly can. The walk to the laundry is perilous, laced with potential social situations. 25 more words

Music as therapy

On the radio this morning they were advertising a show discussing how music can be used therapeutically.

I think most people naturally enjoy music from a young age. 215 more words


A Sign of Belonging

Ryan will play hockey this winter on a town-based team in a middle-school league, continuing in a program that started this past spring. The idea is to serve as a feeder for our town’s high school program, which has struggled with low numbers of experienced players in recent seasons. 488 more words


The Wrong Planet

I’m heard many people describe Asperger’s and Autism as being on the ‘wrong’ planet, a ‘different’ planet, ‘their own world’, an ‘alien’ species. To me it’s a perfectly ok planet. 566 more words


Feeling like an absolute failure

While I have gone over a lot of the worst, I have still yet to get out of the hole.

After being on my own for a year, I had to move back in with my parents because I lost my job and couldn’t afford it anymore as well as my grades started slipping. 785 more words


1 in 68 The Moment Your Child Becomes That 1

Our BATTLE began at age 3 or 4. He was different. I saw the differences but I wasn’t sure how to voice my concerns.

In head start, he refused to do anything that took any amount of time. 885 more words