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One Hundred Days of Blogging - Day Fifteen

Today was a really productive day for me, especially for a day off of work. I didn’t really plan on it being productive in the way it was, either. 836 more words


Who am I?

I have been meddling with a personality conflict for awhile now. I have been completely unsure of what I’ve wanted, who I am, or what I am striving for. 2,078 more words


The Fiddler knocks twice, then once, then twice, then thrice

I feel like I am always chasing safety. I am always a little bit neurotic and insecure. I don’t feel like I take care of myself. 1,128 more words


Reason for not posting music in a while (Sorry)

It been a long while since I’ve posted a video and I though I should sort of explain why… So I always knew from the beginning what my aspirations/dreams were (literally since I was like 4)… I always wanted to be a Lawyer first and then in a close second I wanted to do Singing/Modeling. 264 more words


The Idolization of the Elite

We idolize the elite class, the professional athletes, the actors and actresses, the people who’s faces we see slapped on the cover of every tabloid, for drugs, cheating, arrests, and countless other offenses and these are the types of people we appoint to be our role models, why? 512 more words


Fame < Infamy

I want to be looked up to; 5’3″ of pure genius. I want to change people’s outlooks and maybe even slightly change people’s lives. I want to be honest and human. 33 more words


My Favorite (Free) Language Resources

As you may know, a major life goal of mine is to one day be multi-lingual.  I have varying levels of proficiency in Spanish and Thai (much more Spanish than Thai) and the very basics in a few others, but I’m still far from fluent in any language but my own. 813 more words