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Is he right, OR am I just wrong?

Last night I found myself rushing to meet an old friend. This said friend is a friend of about ten years. I’m not going to sit here and tell you we remained super close all these years, because well, I do not lie.  357 more words


You tell a story

I’m intrigued by people’s stories. I want to know who they are, why they are like that, and all the things that go on in their lives, the good and the bad. 274 more words


August 19, 2014: Outside the Comfort Zone with Gnocchi, Beer and Friend

It was an Italian restaurant, cleverly disguising itself as a bakery, with small tables in a series of rooms entered in from off the main street that I found myself and a friend in today.  240 more words


A bit of reflective thinking

I loved you so much I could feel my heartbeat punch my ribs and when the anxiety silenced me as it wracked my body and ran down my spine I thought of you. 7 more words


Bucket lists

You’ve probably created one in the past or at least thought of things you’d really like to do at some point in your life. I have thought of many things I’d like to do in my life such as: learn how to play the violin, learn to paint and sculpt, take vocal lessons, start my own business, and volunteer around the world. 814 more words

Why do I write Erotic Fiction?

When I shared with my circle of friends that I was going to publish my first erotic fiction Kindle book they were more surprised at the fact that is the genre I had picked. 283 more words

Erotic Fiction