Drafting 101

He’s behind me singing “You give love a bad name.” Not winded, not even trying, just biking and belting out a butt-rocker tune with his great singing voice. 1,361 more words


Day 45

Life is forged out and narrated in stories. It is stories that make our lives meaningful. Together they give us insight into human achievements; and inspire us to aspire. 126 more words

Working With.....

Absolutely LOVE what I do!! Inspiring and working with our future generation of leaders @ The Challenge2014!!

Here’s a photo of me and Jamal Edwards, Entrepreneur and Founder of SBTV

Personal Development


You are only as powerless as

You allow them to make you believe.


Had difficulties catching up with Education policy changes in recent years

Each time when there was a new Minister of Education or Minister of State (Education), I remember the apprehensions felt when I was still in the polytechnic. 494 more words

Social Issues