Two Television Networks Stand Strong With Bill Cosby

With the latest news on Bill Cosby being accused on rape charges, television networks such as TV Land have dropped the classic “The Cosby Show” 89 more words


The Adaptation (1)

Kendra stared down at her hands; she couldn’t get them to stop shaking. Her heart rammed against the inside fo her rib cage as she thought through what Sam had taught her. 318 more words


The Beginning of the End of Claire and Daniel

She saw the Manor House in the distance but realized Daniel’s car wasn’t there. She started running, fearing that he had already left without a goodbye. 1,062 more words


Pentecost 171

Pentecost 171
My Proverbs 21

Who is in Charge?

It was a common scene one can find in many cities on a brisk fall day. On one side of the front doors the sidewalk outside the pet store was full of happy dogs and wagging tails, greeting all as they entered or left the establishment. 1,391 more words

Thoughtful Thursday!

This is pretty much the reason why I read 50 books a year.


Days 263-317

Здравствуйте буквы, слова, фразы и целые предложения. Как долго я не писала. Как долго..

Порой я так все усложняю в своей жизни, что забываю(!!!) о том, как мне нравится писАть, сочинять, рассказывать.

Push Your Limits

Thursday's Best Practice Food For Thought #9

Do you remember the show “Good Times” – the 1970′s television sitcom about the Evans family living in the Chicago projects?

Surprisingly, for someone who only occasionally watched during its initial television run, it’s left a lasting impression on me. 398 more words

Best Practice