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Why do I write Erotic Fiction?

When I shared with my circle of friends that I was going to publish my first erotic fiction Kindle book they were more surprised at the fact that is the genre I had picked. 283 more words

Erotic Fiction

Powerful Hands at Work

(Monday August 18th, 2014)

Howdy All,

I hope everyone had a very productive weekend. I know I did even though Sundays always seems to be the day I drag out everything and barely get anything done. 587 more words

By: Kathryn Jenkins

Thoughts on how many characters your piece should have.

Tonight is going to be a very bi-polar message. As I have a LARGE list of examples to cite from. So the question looks simple enough “How many characters should i have in my piece?” The natural response for me is “Are we talking a short story or a novel?” There is a big difference between the two when it comes to the number of active characters. 641 more words



A constant presence.

Portal of information and entertainment.

Bearer of news both good and bad.

Secretly bleeding you of time and energy.

Turn the bloody thing off. 64 more words

Aspiring Writer

Shaking Off the Dust

Since I have started this blog, I have noticed a pattern.

Friends, family and coworkers will ask me “what’s new?” and of course, part of my response is “Well, I started a blog!” 458 more words

Aspiring Writer

It Begins

Mishka knows I’ve been working on carving out a writing nook where I can write in peace. As writers many of us struggle to make room for writing. 758 more words


It's Either You Write Or You Don't

Last year, I once wrote on my Twitter bio that I am an aspiring writer who write stories. And then this guy, Ajala Yemi, the author of… 198 more words