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The book that got me thinking

If you asked me if there was a book that changed my way of thinking, my answer would be no, that was down to a major event in my early 30s.   799 more words

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The Price You Pay

God, I felt bad about it. How could anyone stoop so low as to steal an old woman’s savings?

Someone who was gonna get their head kicked in….. 532 more words

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My 26 Writing Dilemmas

Writing is not the right thing for me when….

  1. I have endless excuses not to write.
  2. I don’t have any objective for my article.
  3. I think my audience comprises different personalities.
  4. 184 more words
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Busy Beaver

(Friday July 25, 2014)

Hello All,

I hope everyone has had an interesting week. I know I have been working my butt off every day this week working on so many things. 541 more words

By: Kathryn Jenkins

Plans for the Build

The garage is beginning to be filled with ‘stuff’ for a yard sale and the garbage men have been kind enough to take more than the weekly limit.   213 more words

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Thoughts for Friday - 25th August 2014

I’m sure that anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis will know that I have a rather infantile sense of humour. Any mention of balls, rods, breasts etc. 694 more words

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It has been forever!

Now I can’t think of anyone who missed my ranting posts, but if you did, here I am! It’s been a crazy summer so let me just list all the things that went down: 1,253 more words

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