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Licky Ass Crush

This part is true.

I used to have a friend who I had an unspeakably serious lust-crush on, and what I had a crush on was her ass, basically. 998 more words


Training that ass... I mean posterior chain

Ok so you are probably wondering what is your posterior chain and why is it so important to train on a regular basis. Well the posterior chain consists of your hamstrings, glutes (ass) and lower back. 777 more words

Bums Are Huge Right Now

With so much in the media right now concerning disaster and war (or more accurately, warmongering), it seems like the perfect time for a little light relief. 552 more words

Media Trash


It was a secret… well not really, but something that was yet to be seen, it’s the now fact that the AVGN character is not funny without the games, that’s it, and after the movie there’s no denying it. 676 more words

MOVIE Reviews



Her ass was so fat and her thighs were so thick but now she lost wait and looks even better in the face though.


Hold This

Won’t you hold this for me, my dear
Let it rest on the small of your back
After all, it’s to be used on your rear… 108 more words


Snack Pack retards are out and about.

This has gotta be the weirdest thing I’ve ever come across, living in the apartment building I’ve been in, with the most retarded of retards I’ve met in real life. 399 more words