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The Illusion of Freedom (Part 2–Thought Police, Arrest These Men)

A common misconception throughout the history of mankind is that our species has the liberty to express an opinion without fear of punishment or terminal damage. 955 more words

Chagossians update

A lot is happening in various challenges related to the long-running and shameful exclusion of the Chagossian people from their islands in the Indian Ocean.  998 more words

Case Comments

Why Obama Will Never Pardon Manning and Snowden

It’s been said by many progressives and human rights advocates that sentencing Private Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning to 35 years in prison for exposing US atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan was grossly excessive and cruel. 826 more words

They Opened A Government

WikiLeaks is a online journalistic organisation the publishes secret documentation, news leaks, classified information and media from anonymous sources. the whistleblowing website was created in 2006, by Australian Julian Assange and servile other internet activist, hackers and mathematicians from around the world. 323 more words

How the US has prevailed in the political conspiracy against Julian Assange and WikiLeaks

Four days ago I wrote, Let’s not forget Assange. I did this because of a television interview between Eva Joly (a French-Norwegian prosecutor) and Malou von Sivers. 715 more words


Whoever controls the media, controls the mind. - Jim Morrison

The Internet has changed the way news media is released on a global scale. The dissemination and consumption of news media explored in week 11 demonstrates a shift from traditional media outlets (like newspapers and broadcast television), to a public domain where news reporting is no longer a one to many communication. 437 more words

Let's not forget Assange

(From a translation of a television interview broadcast in Sweden between Eva Joly and Malou von Sivers; available here.)

Eva Joly, a French-Norwegian prosecutor — famous in France for spending 8 years on a corruption case that ultimately convicted 33 of 36 people involved in a massive petrochemical corruption case — is in Sweden to see if she can break the deadlock over Julian Assange. 705 more words