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A Visit to Gandhiji's House

I did not realize that I would feel so much sorrow, to be so emotional when I paid a visit to Mahatma Gandhi’s home in Delhi, India. 261 more words

27 years later...Thomas Sankara

I realised the other day that this week (yesterday in fact), marks 27 years since former president of Burkina Faso, Thomas Sankara, was murdered because of European and African interests in a coup d’état led by French-backed current president Blaise Compaoré. 660 more words


Robert Kennedy and Mỹ Lai; A Coincidence That Matters

Talented Canadian singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette enjoyed a hit song a few years ago listing a number of things she found ironic. Actually, the things about which she sang were not ironic at all but merely unfortunate or at best coincidences. 909 more words


Samuel Billy Kyles (With MLK When He Was Shot) Caught Implicating His Involvment In Shooting

Wow that was a slip of a lifetime. I played this over and over trying to come up with some other explaination for him to say these words. (11)