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Robert Kennedy and Mỹ Lai; A Coincidence That Matters

Talented Canadian singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette enjoyed a hit song a few years ago listing a number of things she found ironic. Actually, the things about which she sang were not ironic at all but merely unfortunate or at best coincidences. 909 more words


Samuel Billy Kyles (With MLK When He Was Shot) Caught Implicating His Involvment In Shooting

Wow that was a slip of a lifetime. I played this over and over trying to come up with some other explaination for him to say these words. (11)


Controversy Rages Over Mantel's Fantasy About The Assasination Of Margaret Thatcher

The author, Hilary Mantel has written a short story in which she imagines the assassination of the late Lady Thatcher. The story is set in 1983 and imagines a fictional scenario in which a middle-class lady allows an IRA terrorist into her house to assassinate the Prime Minister. 73 more words

Bilawal tries to appease the fundamentalists and save his life

In a rally in Multan, two days ago, Bilawal Bhutto, while addressing workers of Pakistan People’s Party, thundered that he will take entire Kashmir from India. 311 more words