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The Guild: Chosen (Novel)


Darkness is all consuming, an inescapable fjord of obsidian whispers in your ears and eyes. It blocks out reality, bringing instead the nightmares of your subconscious to the forefront of your mind. 988 more words


Shots Fired

High up in my perch, I can see and control everything. And today I control who lives and who dies.

I have a high stability anti materiel sniper rifle peering over the edge of this building’s roof, trained at today’s target – Lex Brown. 1,159 more words

This Is Your Brain On Dru--Oops I Meant Happiness

Checking Behind Shower Curtains is Just Asking for a Death Wish

I always check behind shower curtains, both at home and at other people’s houses. Unless I can see 97% of the interior of the shower, I  469 more words

The 13th Samurai, Act 1, Scene 3

Masaru used a short wooden pole to pick up the iron pot of soup, taking it away from the fire. With a nod of his head, Masaru motioned for Ichiro to place a nearby lid on top of the pot. 887 more words


Worlds-Level Tactics: The Tower Dive

It’s hard to tune into a League of Legends game without hearing a lot of jargon thrown around: rotation, objective, scaling. In this series, I’ll try to clear up some of the jargon one term at a time, by explaining just what it is and showing how teams execute it in game. 497 more words

League Of Legends

Flash Fiction: Lady Assassins

Two very young women waited on a roof as the sun went down.  The younger groaned and flopped back so she laid belly up next to the older. 492 more words


BAMF Bikes Assassin Track Bike , Black, 52cm

Reviews BAMF Bikes Assassin Track Bike , Black, 52cm for sale

Please take a few moments to view the BAMF Bikes Assassin Track Bike , Black, 52cm… 76 more words