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It's time to call bob

Chris scampered to his cupboard to find his little wooden box.

As he tries to open its lock, his bloody hands are shaking. He can feel the blood loss taking away his senses. 457 more words

The Daily Post

soj schedule update

Due to my upcoming marriage anniversary this week, I will be adding a new page by december  14 instead of it’s regular timing.  Stay tuned for more updates!

Be blessed.

Night Lord Preference - Maplestory

NOTE: The data were gathered from bbb.hidden-street.net, which was last updated right before Big Bang. Thus, some data may be inaccurate for earlier versions.

NOTE: Claw damage is calculated by 2.00*(4*LUK+STR)*WA/100… 2,767 more words


Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 7

I seem to always procrastinate until after I have watched Fate and written my blog post for the episode. So after completing this post I will continue to not sleep and work on physics homework. 778 more words


Finding the Deadliest Humans in the World

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2o14

How does one go about finding the best recruits to turn into the deadliest operators in the world. It begins with deciding what kind of operator you want to recruit. 581 more words

Black Ops

Sympathy for a Grammar Nazi

Besides being more than a little controversial for overly sensitive ordinary humans, Grammar Nazis are controversial on a whole new level because lazy people can’t bring themselves to complete a sentence on a QWERTY keyboard with all the words’ spellings intact. 382 more words