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Assassin vs Presence

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The Presence is a pretty powerful individual, but he won’t be able to take out Assassin. Assassin’s sword techniques are out of this world and his speed allows him to take care of his opponents in an instant. 18 more words


Assassin vs Bass

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The Assassin may have some pretty good sword tricks up his sleeve, but Bass is physically superior to him in every way. Assassin isn’t fast enough to land any decent hits on Bass and his attacks wouldn’t be able to get through the latter’s barrier either. 18 more words


Assassin vs One Above All

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The One Above All may be skilled, but he won’t be able to win this round. Assassin is a skilled swordfighter and each strike is made with precision. 32 more words


Part Two in Bleeding Love Series - Out Now!

Hi guys,

I’m excited to announce the release of Part Two of my new erotic thriller series, The Bleeding Love SeriesBattle Born (Part Two) 245 more words

Book Series

Assassins creed movie

On June 11, 2013, Frank Marshall is in negotiations to board as a producer and the following month, it was reported that Scott Frank, who wrote the scripts for Minority Report and, more recently, The Wolverine, has been hired to perform rewrites on the film script.  146 more words


A weapon

He was late today. She could see him hurrying across the pavement. Twice, within the last hundred metres, he checked his watch. Yes, he was definitely late and he knew it. 1,405 more words

Life Apart