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Highlights from the Museum: The Almost Assassins

Life-size figures of John Wilkes Booth and assassination conspirators Lewis Powell and George Atzerodt, as well as some of their belongings, can be seen on display at the… 958 more words

Civil War

Deconstructing the #KU_WWI LIVE Tweetenactment

The #KU_WWI Twitter Project never intended on being a strictly historical representation or chronological timeline of the events that occurred in Sarajevo on 28 June 1914. 1,879 more words

In the Line of Fire: British Style

A British cabinet minister once asked his bodyguard if he could actually prevent an assassination.
“I doubt it,” the officer replied, “but being so close I could write a much better report.”



Buffalo 1901


Nepean Times

President McKinley


Mr William McKinley, President of the United States of America, was shot twice by an anarchist the latter end of last week, while attending the great Pan-American Exposition. 331 more words


Monty Python Presents: The Black Hand.

World War I can trace it’s venomous roots as far back as the quickening of Queen Victoria’s womb for the first time, the beginning of her massive brood of monarch children. 987 more words


Marydale Farm and the St Francisville connection to the assassination

In a little town called St Francisville, located in West Feliciana county, Lousiana and 45 miles north of Baton Rouge  is a girl scout camp. The camp is… 2,223 more words

It Is Nothing

But one single bullet, from barrel to throat,
Choked and opened the wounds of the world,
Unfurled in the seat of a phaeton,
Played on like the most tragic of tragedies, 538 more words