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Who Killed JFK?

Will we ever know?

Perhaps not for certain, but I have a theory and its a good one!

Apologies in advance but I’m doing a bit of shameless self promotion, but rest assured it wont happen again until my next book comes out which will be months away at the very least. 468 more words


Were the Secret Service Culpable in JFK Murder?

Hi all!

We’ve read this before, and thought you might find it interesting too. Do you think the secret service could have done more to protect the president? 87 more words

Session Recap #13--10/17/14

Please comment anything I left out.

Players: Brent, Steve, Wade

Game Time: Morning of November 3rd to late evening of November 9th

New NPCs: The Eye (advisor to the Council of Daystar), Unnamed wounded rebel… 733 more words

Session Recaps

MKULTRA Documentary and What We Need to Know

Watched this last night.

National Geographic, “CIA Secret Experiments,” 2008:



It includes how we got from Dachau to tests on the NYC transit system, LSD experiments on prisoners and Johns, Ewen Cameron at McGill, lethal Sarin nerve agent testing in the UK as motive for murdering Frank Olson, etc. 1,054 more words