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Greetings from the Dutch underworld. An interview with ex-gangster Steve Brown.

(By Lula Ahrens and Tristan van Rijn)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR-Interview uit de oude doos.
Now that the ‘trial of the century’ is hanging above the alleged criminal organisation of Willem Holleeder like the sword of Damocles, the Dutch underworld finally has a face. 3,857 more words

Peter R De Vries

The Lost Generation with Colour and Sound - But Can They Teach Us Anything?

Only those hiding under a rock would not know that 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War. From our glittering, digital, social-media-obsessed standpoint, we could be forgiven for thinking that we’re light years away from that long-gone Edwardian age. 516 more words

TV Show Review

This Day in the Secret History: September 14, 2014

SECRET HISTORY: Originally, secret histories were designed as non-fictional, revealing or claiming to reveal the truth behind the “spin”: one such example is the… 506 more words

End Time Deception


CLICK HERE to listen! This week the Lone Gunman sets his sights on Oswald in Mexico, was he there? Was he impersonated? Or both?

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Are the Sotloff and Foley videos staged?

We’ve been in a “war” against terrorism now since 2001, and it seems like this war has no end in sight. Thirteen years of constant media exposure have made it socially accepted to view violent scenes of killings, amputation, bombings, and even beheadings. 183 more words


Government Avoids Responsibility By Farming Out Military Work

According to London-based Remote Control Project, billions dollars are being spent for the military to farm out jobs like special operations, interrogation, psychological operations, and propaganda. 41 more words

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