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Cloud Strife, Ryu, Mega Man ... the real birthdays of some of the biggest video game characters

Most of our video game heroes are timeless, but we actually know the exact ages of a few them. In fact, thanks to cutscenes, manuals, and even ads, we know the birthdays of some of the our most beloved icons. 461 more words


Geeking over Gaming

I have started Assassin’s Creed II and I can’t even begin how hooked I am. I really need to finish up the other games I have going. 102 more words


The Debate: Ratonhnhaké:ton

The excitement for Assassin’s Creed III after its E3 showing was palpable as fans were eager to dive into the American Revolution: a bloody time frame in American history that was practically built for Assassin & Templar struggles.   813 more words


Gaming Moments - Assassin's Creed II (Multi, 2009) - The Birth of an Assassin

Unfortunately, the game starts combining both actual and past setting. If it only was Ezio’s part, I will probably put it in Best Openings category. Ezio’s born (what a great character Ubi created) is a great moment in the opening of probably best Assassin’s Creed game (even if I’ve enjoyed Black Flag a lot):

Gaming Moments