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Learning Assemble, Step 7 - Custom Handlebars Helpers

If you don’t like what Assemble does, you can probably change it with custom Handlebars Helpers. The best part is that there are already many good open-source helpers around, either for direct use or for study and modification. 1,212 more words

Learning Assemble, Step 6 - Blogging with Markdown

Every static site needs a blog that we can pump full of content marketing filler. In this post, we’ll author blog posts using Markdown and figure out how to build an index page for our blog posts. 1,455 more words

Learning Assemble, Step 5 - Page Navigation

We used hard-coded navigation links earlier, and I promised that we would come back and build navigation links dynamically from the Assemble page data. Let’s do that now. 1,996 more words

Learning Assemble, Step 4 - Data

In this post we’ll look at custom data used by Assemble and Handlebars templates.

Learning Assemble, Step 3 - Grunt Workflow

Our static web site project needs a lot more than just Assemble, and we’re going to take a quick break to set up some non-Assemble tasks in Grunt. 1,428 more words

The movie that you are extremely waiting for: Tha Avengers: Age of Ultron

From the first avengers comes,Marvel kept feeding our mind with a new film,,They are feeding by using the Iron man 3;Thor:The dark world,Captain America:the Winter Soldier and the last but not least,the Guardian of the galaxy….. 39 more words


Learning Assemble, Step 2 - Basic Templating

Our first Assemble example was nicely minimal, but sadly not very useful or realistic. In this post, we’ll flesh out our Assemble templating a bit more to convert from “Hello, Assemble!” to something just slightly more realistic. 925 more words