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How NOAA Uses Coral Nurseries to Restore Damaged Reefs

The cringe-inducing sound of a ship crushing its way onto a coral reef is often the beginning of the story. But, thanks to NOAA’s efforts… 949 more words


When Ships Threaten Corals in the Caribbean, NOAA Dives to Their Rescue

A blue hamlet hangs out in healthy staghorn coral. (NOAA)

Coral reef damaged (right) by the Margara oil tanker grounding in Puerto Rico in April 2006. 920 more words


Before Breaking Ground for Restoration, Digging for Signs of the Past

This is a post by Carl Alderson of NOAA’s Restoration Center.

Looking across the open fields of the surrounding farm community, I am reminded of the long history of both European and Native American settlement in this portion of southwest New Jersey. 555 more words


After Opening up a Pennsylvania Creek for Fish, Watching Recovery Follow

This is a guest post by Laura Craig, Ph.D., Associate Director of River Restoration, American Rivers.

Early settlement along Pennsylvania’s Darby Creek relied upon dams to turn the water wheels of mills, powering economic growth. 604 more words