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UK Tax Haven Disclosure PROPOSAL - Keep On Your Radar

UK public registry of company ownership ?  secrecy jurisdiction reactions are in opposition but bear watching. See our prior articles on Financial Secrecy Index to know why we are recommending some jurisdictions and avoiding others. 753 more words

Tax Havens

BDIT: What is a beneficiary defective irrevocable trust?

The purpose of this post is to give you a useful, short example of an increasingly popular trust for estate, gift and income tax planning called a BDIT (pronounced “bee-dit”). 527 more words

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Self Directed IRA Compliance Issues

If you have set up a self directed IRA you have probably done so with the intent to expand your investing options outside of securities and obtain higher returns. 1,473 more words

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Asset Protection Trusts : Put your assets out of reach legally, from the Mid- Life Divorce Boom/ Litigation

How to Avoid Financial Carnage

It’s critical to understand that this asset protection planning must be done before the threat of litigation arises. Waiting until you get sued or even until the dispute occurs will preclude you from doing any planning. 1,149 more words

Asset Protection

Irrevocable Trusts - The Key To Avoid Estate Taxes

Only an Irrevocable Trust will avoid the U.S.Estate Tax.


The opposite of revocable is “irrevocable.” In other words, no strings are attached by the Grantor. 542 more words

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A Core Estate Planning Checklist

I frequently harp on the point that core estate planning is realistically a dull subject. Most of us do not wake up each day with estate planning in mind.   329 more words

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Another practice of offshore holding company that has gained a lot of interest and popularity in recent years is using a company to hold property and property rights in an offshore location. 508 more words

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