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BDIT: What is a beneficiary defective irrevocable trust?

The purpose of this post is to give you a useful, short example of an increasingly popular trust for estate, gift and income tax planning called a BDIT (pronounced “bee-dit”). 527 more words

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Self Directed IRA Compliance Issues

If you have set up a self directed IRA you have probably done so with the intent to expand your investing options outside of securities and obtain higher returns. 1,473 more words

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A Core Estate Planning Checklist

I frequently harp on the point that core estate planning is realistically a dull subject. Most of us do not wake up each day with estate planning in mind.   329 more words

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Another practice of offshore holding company that has gained a lot of interest and popularity in recent years is using a company to hold property and property rights in an offshore location. 508 more words

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Do you Know Your Entity Type?

What your entity says about your business

What type of entity is your business? I am always surprised to talk to business owners and learn that they are unsure of what type of entity they formed for their business. 250 more words


5 Strategies For Protecting The Equity in Your Personal Residence

How do I protect my home from potential creditors? This is a very common question that does not lend itself to a straightforward answer. Many options exist for protecting your home, but the key is deciding on the appropriate strategy. 1,474 more words

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Will or Revocable Trust...Are You Confused?

This is a reblog of a post from my website about Will or Revocable Trust.

There still exists confusion about what a Will can and cannot do in terms of protecting assets and passing on your cherished possessions to loved ones. 1,326 more words

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