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Kepemilikan harta benda berupa rumah, apartement, deposito, barang berharga seperti emas dan kendaraan menjadi salah satu indikator keberhasilan seseorang mencari penghasilan melalui pekerjaannya. Untuk mendapatkan harta benda tersebut, tak sedikit orang yang mesti berjuang keras dan prihatin. 254 more words


Offshore Investment Is One Field That Can Open Many New Opportunities

Not many people are aware of the performance and power of having goodoffshore investment. These are some of the best things to do in todays, scenario when you don’t know when a company’s share will fall and all your money will be gone. 237 more words


Does Your Attorney Know?

It’s astounding to contemplate the multitude of ways in which you can hold title to commercial real estate (and even your house!). On the commercial real estate side, it is presumed that you will not hold title to your property in your personal name. 527 more words

Asset Protection

Deferring Tax with : A Passive Foreign Investment Company

this is how Mitt Romney and You Defer Taxes

for assistance please email info@jackbassteam.com or

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Monday – Friday 9:00 – 5:00 ( Los Angeles time zone ) 955 more words

Tax Havens

Why Not Create Your Own Financial Freedom Options ?

I get email that suggests that no one need worry about the U.S. ( or place your favorite nation here) because the government would not let anything happen to the banking system. 698 more words

Asset Protection

Funding the Marital and Family Trusts within Revocable (now irrevocable) Trusts

So, you have been busy with other things, and haven’t gotten around to funding the marital and family trusts called for within your client’s revocable (now irrevocable) trust, right?  131 more words

Frustrating the Intent of the Testator -- Part II

A prior post, Frustrating the Intent of the Testator, discussed the way appellate courts thwart decedents’ clear wishes through arcane legal technicalities.  In a recent case, … 399 more words

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