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Making Most Out of Asset Protection Services

Offshore businesses rely heavily on various features of its taxation polices and asset protection facilities to businesses, which ensure that you are protected all the time during your operations as an international business company. 239 more words


Provident Trust Group Awarded National and Local Honors in 2014

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Eleni Stylianou


LAS VEGAS — Provident Trust Group, a local full-service trust company and premier alternative asset custodian, received recognition of its business and human resources department by local and national organizations during the 2014 awards season. 348 more words

Asset Protection

Zero Hedge Headlines (selected), December 11, 2014

How Wal-Mart Fabricated And Lied About Its “Strong” Chinese Sales For Years

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 12/11/2014 – 11:22

For many, if not most, companies and especially retailers, the great wildcard that is the “massive” Chinese market with the potential of hundreds of millions of buyers in the country’s nascent middle class, has been a slam dunk when it comes to boosting stock prices. 790 more words


Tax Free beats everything...especially legislative risk

If the rate of return and tax rates stay the same as they are today, you will net the same amount when you withdraw from an IRA or tax free account. 288 more words

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Tax Breaks until Dec 2014

 Among the biggest breaks for businesses: A tax credit for research and development, an exemption that allows financial companies to shield foreign profits from being taxed by the U.S., and several provisions that allow businesses to write off capital investments more quickly. 172 more words

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Managed Accounts Year End Review and Forecast

November 2014 – 40 % cash position

Year End Review and Forecast

Gold and Precious Metals

The largest gains for our clients came from the exit from the gold producers at $1800 an ounce and continuing until we hold no gold and no gold miners . 469 more words

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BDIT: What is a beneficiary defective irrevocable trust?

The purpose of this post is to give you a useful, short example of an increasingly popular trust for estate, gift and income tax planning called a BDIT (pronounced “bee-dit”). 527 more words

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