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Indexed Annuity contributions are part of the distribution process in retirement

Index Annuities Gains

In 2008, the SP500 lost about 40% of its value.  Investors in indexed annuities did not lose a cent which took nearly 4 years for the SP500 to get back to 2007 levels. 391 more words


Estate Planning Trusts Can Help Us All with Overspending

I believe strongly that most of us will overspend if we have easy access to a large checking account. The problem with this overspending is that it is insidious. 413 more words

Estate Planning

Finding the right disability insurance policy

As a physician, your finances are often tied to your ability to show up everyday and work (unless you are independently wealthy/have large stream of passive income). 646 more words

Asset Protection

How to Start Your Estate Planning

With a new year upon us, it is time to get organized! At least that seems to be on most New Year’s Resolution to-do lists. However, one thing most people seem to overlook in their New Year’s Resolutions is extending that to-do list to include creating or updating their legal paperwork. 462 more words

Various Entities for Asset Protection: What is potentially the best for you?

When structuring and planning any asset protection strategy, one of the more important factors is often how the asset protection entity or multiple entity structure is funded. 446 more words


Fraud and Aging

We have all had them.  The telephone call in the middle of the dinner hour, offering anything from aluminum siding to “credit repair” or bank account “insurance”.  743 more words

Asset Protection

Creating Trusts for Asset Protection

Nowadays, it is hard to skip financial planning. It is not limited to the capitalists or the big brand owners only. Even if you are one of the individually practicing professionals then you have to opt this for securing yourself from any kind of sues. 205 more words