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How much of your savings, investments, retirements and other funds are tax free?

The best time to pay taxes is today and not in the future when our investments or savings are bigger, which translates to bigger taxes. So your 401k savings is really not totally your own, half of it goes to IRS. 221 more words


Who owns a bribe?

In a recent post, we shone a spotlight on bribery in the UK. But where an agent receives a bribe or secret commission in breach of the duties they owe their principal, who does it belong to? 454 more words


Patents, the petroleum of the 21st century

In a world where human progress is often associated with innovation, the research race has gained momentum in recent years, following the gradual shift towards a knowledge economy. 417 more words


How Roth IRA Distributions are taxed

If you have 401K, stocks, mutual funds, Roth IRA, IRA, annuities or other kinds of assets, you need asset protection using your life insurance.

Use this life insurance application to complete when you decide after discussing with me about your asset protection plan with illustration detailing cash accumulation, face amount and tax strategies. 22 more words


...how clearly do you see me?...

the details:

> Asset < Valkyrie Hair – Blondes
> Asset < Marion Complete Avatar including lashes, eyebrows, hair-base, lipsticks and shape
Schadenfreude Moth Forest Masquerade Mask @ … 83 more words