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Project Paragon: Large Water Spout

I have created another asset that was assigned to me, I have created a simple grey rusty texture as it is hard to tell the colour from the black and white reference images I have. 44 more words


Personal Finance for Everyone and Their Mom: Part 2 (net worth)

Do you have any idea what your total net worth is? The answer is probably no. For those of you who aren’t sure what net worth is, it is simply the calculation of subtracting your debts from your assets. 599 more words


New Pension Plans from Small Businesses

Prestige Tax and Trust Services discuss auto-enrollment pensions

The team at Prestige Tax and Trust Services were interested to read about the new tactic being employed by smaller business firms to attract better staff. 367 more words

Prestige Tax And Trust Services

Security Lies In Confidence

How replaceable are you? Know your value. Name your value.

Who has the patience to continually listen to what people believe they are entitled to? I wish entitlement was a trance, then I would be able to just snap people out of it. 159 more words

Textured Radio

So this is the finished product of my 2 week assignment.



"Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert T. Kiyosaki

Recommended by Dan Miller of 48days.com, I thought to read this book for an understanding of money by seeing the differences between how dads teach their kids about money. 127 more words



Amnesia: (n) a partial or total loss of memory.

It is the sin of humanity.

How quickly we forget what it was like to be who we just were. 159 more words

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