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Another MBNA Success & Query Regarding Claims with Paul Tilley from Quality Solicitors Howlett Clarke 26 Jan 15

I was informed of another MBNA Success using Section 75.  This time one investor had paid £1000 deposit on an MBNA Credit Card and paid the rest by BACS payment.   178 more words


First Unity Assets store submission

Yesterday I submitted my first Unity plugin what is called “Simple AI for 2D platformer“.

With this plugin you can make enemies patrol on your scene and you can make them jump too. 36 more words

U.S. Banks' Asset, Liabilities, & Income Structure: Investment vs Commercial Banks

This post is to summarize and compare some basic financial ratios between US commercial and investment banks. The purpose is to see the difference of the asset, liabilities, and income structure between the two groups. 1,071 more words


Queensland's Economy No.1 Issue Due To Assets Sales Plan #qldvotes

The economy has been a major issue in the Queensland 2015. The LNP claim that they have a strong plan for the growth of the Queensland Economy. 152 more words

Australian News

Holder Has Made It Harder for Federal Government to Legally Seize Your Property

From Daily Signal, by Jason Snead, Jan 2015

In a stunning announcement last week, Attorney General Eric Holder announced the Department of Justice would immediately stop “adopting” state civil asset forfeiture cases. 770 more words


[Free] 9 Abstract Geometric / Low Poly headers

I rendered a few more low poly / geometric abstract images that similar to the header used on this page.




Colorado lawmakers look to ban asset seizures without convictions

From watchdog.org, by Arthur Kane, Jan 2015

A freshman Colorado state senator wants to stop police from seizing assets unless the owner is convicted of a crime. 243 more words