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[haiku 14]

Impressive costume
Worn so well; like Halloween
I know who you are

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[haiku 12]

This haiku is about you
Of course, you knew that

©2014 · sofreudian.com


You've got some nerve!

I wrote about one girl I know who is seeing a guy she met on the dating site. Of course after two weeks she finds out that he kept pressing lets get married. 304 more words


All men should be required to take a kick to the crotch once every year, it will be like taxes, everyone having to pay for the few bad ones. I know that's not how taxes work but shut up, I'm making a point... badly.

Sorry that’s like a ridiculously long title but DUDE.

I received a text from my best friend that SO pissed me off that I… She… We… AAAHHHHGGGGGG!!!… I’m still really annoyed. 426 more words


Giving new meaning to the term 'Wholesale' Slaughter

While the vast majority of humanity is recoiling in horror and shock at the slaughter of innocents and entire families in Palestine, those Americans are having just as much fun as the Israelis with it, and making money too.  62 more words


Little Miss Stuck Up

Trying to be creative and discreet with this selfie. Also flexing. :)

There’s a girl who trains at the gym that I go to. And she is HOT! 442 more words


I am dating Patrick Bateman

I am in love with a man who has antisocial personality disorder.  Alright, so I am no psychologist, but I have looked this disorder up many times.   589 more words