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Day 113: The Science of Happiness

My friend Chloe is a person who both actively pursues joy and finds it in everyday life. It’s a wonderful trait to have. So it made absolute sense today when she posted on Facebook that she’d signed up for a massive open online course (MOOC, which sounds like an insult but in this case it isn’t) from UC Berkeley, called… 169 more words

Am I an Asshole Magnet? ... And Other Queries

*Disclaimer* This blog is quite ranty, messy, and all over the place. Much like my life. 

A few interactions with people I used to be close with has made me ask myself this question quite a bit recently. 348 more words

Being an Ally among Assholes


There is surprisingly little written on the subject, and I won’t quite do this justice, but I will attempt to muddle through, with some anecdotes, some commentary, and some action ideas. 1,640 more words

Granny Trucker, the Haters and the Trolls

Some days all you can do is shake your head and wonder?

The Friend Zone is Bullshit

Amazing illustration courtesy of ProZD and Siro. Go visit their awesome Tumblr page here.


Same Old

Yesterday, TH wanted me to go shopping with him for a pair of slacks for his interview today.  I agreed to pick up Monkey and meet him at the mall.   402 more words

Letters to My Ex's, Old Flings, and Assholes

This piece was inspired by this spoken word poem I saw on youtube, I can’t seem to find the exact video now, but I will add the link as soon as I find it! 382 more words