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I don’t have any relevant car photos to use. So here is a mouse that is shaped like a car. 

I was driving behind a dude in a grey Mazda 3 with the number plate “Junkie”. 275 more words


Nuclear war doesn't kill all assholes

I wake up in the morning often looking for my phone (to check the time) and my eye wear (because I can’t fucking see without them).  864 more words

General Rant

I still feel new here

I still feel new to WordPress and probably feel that way because I am. I have only been blogging for 18 months and that is a very short time compared to many of you. 808 more words


haiku 195: the source

Many bad things come—
From your mouth: ignorance, hate,
And really bad teeth.

©2014 · sofreudian.com


Vendor "Partnerships" and Other Bullshit Lies

I don’t know about you, but the last time I fucking checked a “partner” was someone that was equally vested into a relationship.  These days IT vendors (for the fucking assholes out there, they are pieces of shit that sell hardware and software to fucking idiots like me) like to call their “clients” partners.   1,696 more words

Managed Service Provider Shit

Fathers who came up short, and the pool game that made me lose my faith in humanity all over again.

Last night’s trio of bands included Bad Dad, Sleepy Kitty, and Repeat-Repeat. I’ve heard Bad Dad before, and thought that I knew what to expect from them, but last night I began to see new textures in their sound. 435 more words


a monty python world

obscene as it is– and yet israel is kind enough to let the injured and maimed gather up their dead before the shelling continues–