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[329] comeuppance

Ticker keeps ticking—
Up-up-up while your hole keeps
Digging down-down-down.

©2014 · sofreudian.com


[327] looking at you

Just a nudge was all.
A push. Off a cliff. Into—
One thousand or more.

©2014 · sofreudian.com


[325] kween

You’ll know my pleasure
When I smile as I fuck you—
Up and chase you out.

©2014 · sofreudian.com


Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be assholes!

Needless to say (but I will say it, because I have to say all the things), anyone who’s lived among other humans has encountered, is dealing with or will meet at least one asshole. 1,258 more words


Some people say I am angry, and to you people I say –FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!!

Ok so that seems a little angry.  But I don’t think that I am the problem.  173 more words

The News At 4'10

When The Guy You Like Turns Out To Be An Asshole

I learned my first lesson of being single. Don’t be optimistic. Don’t be easy going. Don’t be trusting. Now I understand the meaning of that Cool Girl passage in Gone Girl- why girls play games so much, and so well. 475 more words


Dealing with bad roommates.

Something almost everyone has to deal with is bad roommates. They come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they’re sneaky, and they make you think they’re your friend then you realized they’re actually a really shitty person. 971 more words