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Smile at the world and the world will smile back... or so

After reading stories about suicides, one stating “I’m going to walk to the bridge. If one person smiles at me on the way, I won’t jump,” I never viewed smiling at strangers the same way again.   1,041 more words

[274] eat people

how to maintain hip-
ster status during zombie
apocalypse, bro.

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There’s some overlap between this blog (“the mothership”) and wettumblrments, but the latter is mostly music and funny pictures and first-world problem style complaints about my life in South Korea.


Why should I be pressured ?

I have come to see very clearly, those who take advantage of my weakness to get what they want. I cannot help but feel a great sense of hatred towards these people for they have caused me great anxiety. 474 more words

Flip Benham: one of many wastes of talent.

With gay marriage now legal in North Carolina, it was only a matter of time before Flip Benham of Operation Save America started crashing wedding ceremonies for same-sex couples.

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My thoughts on Social Media (Facebook)

Here’s my rant for the day. I’m so asinine that people might not like this post. Oh well. I am going to give both positive and negative feed back via personal experience. 201 more words