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Observing the common idiot in its natural habitat.

It’s been a long week for me. I’ve had this alliteratively sneaking suspicion that someone’s been slipping me sleeping pills on the sly, except in reality my thyroid’s just an inconsiderate douchecanoe and the pills I actually… 1,912 more words


CK One.

10 insightful & laughable Louis C.K. quotes:

1. People say, “My phone sucks.” No, it doesn’t! The shittiest cellphone in the world is a miracle. Your life sucks. 828 more words


"Smart Phones" is Trey Songz at his Most Vile/Best Ever . I've always wanted to be there when......

an asshole really reflected upon himself and figured out he was loathsome. Self-deprecation makes good theater, and i’d never pass up an opportunity to be smug. 667 more words

The G Code

Beat It.

People, typically the insufferable type (more insufferable than the general level of insufferable that I find most people to be at, that is), always like to quip and muse about things that need to be “brought back.” Things that are either completely or mostly gone from our slick, heartless modern world. 460 more words

Nerd Stuff

My Mother Part III

Have you ever wondered where you mother gets her love for you?  Is it natural, or did it grow stronger and stronger over time?  Or do you look at someone else’s mother and wonder if she’s nurturing to everyone, or if she is just acting out her role as a mom?   361 more words


Let's Talk About that D!

I would rather talk about sex, relationships, fun positions, communication, a million things besides Diabetes. Unfortunately, Type 2 is my fucking reality and it isn’t going away any time soon. 672 more words