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Does this make me Casey Anthony?

My last post described how I was dating someone with a personality disorder and he was extremely verbally and mentally abusive. It’s hard to stay strong when you’re with someone like that; you start to believing the poisonous words spewing out of their evil mouth. 361 more words


Subjective and Objective Assholes (I Mean Opinions)

Hello! I am at the Willamette Writer’s Conference for the day, but I still have a post for you. Oh yes.

Last week, I wrote about why I think stories about true love or fated love are boring and unfulfilling. 652 more words


I listened to your LP

Just one line
Just lightly scratch the surface
Just so I know where I’ve been and where to go

Erasers shed its particles
And lead is poison… 24 more words

Mainstream Values, Nice Guy Entitlement, And Growing Up Punk

This post represents an occasion where I make an honest confession. I am a recovering “nice guy”. I am also recovering from being an asshole. As much as it may seem to be a contradiction, the fact is that the two are one and the same. 1,050 more words


[haiku 14]

Impressive costume
Worn so well; like Halloween
I know who you are

©2014 · sofreudian.com


[haiku 12]

This haiku is about you
Of course, you knew that

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