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This is the second day in a row, and the third out of the last five, that I’ve gotten mail from these people.  This one was addressed to both my real name  207 more words



Now that I have appropriated the correct term for it, time to go on a rampage!

Slactivism (noun): support of a cause with a political or social nature via the Internet (read: social media), thus requiring very little actual involvement or effort… 647 more words

General Ranting

In which I ignore the Pope Emeritus' crappy grammar

And here we go, right?  Everybody has to be back tomorrow, and the kids return Wednesday, and Open House was tonight.  This year’s Open House involved a mad dash between 3:00 and 4:30 for new clothes, as I don’t own a single pair of slacks and didn’t remember that Open House was tonight and not tomorrow night until just after midnight.   352 more words


I don't have time for...



I didn’t say anything about your or your people — I don’t care. I wouldn’t waste my time gossiping, labeling, or stalking you. 152 more words


Goddamn Musicians

Being in a band makes you into an asshole, if you weren’t one already, which you probably were if you’re any sort of serious musician. 457 more words