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Exercise - Painting through physical actions

For this exercise I began by selecting my Yellow, Red and Blue acrylic paint and mixed this with PVA, this did not seem to be thin enough to flick or drip, so I added some flow improver to the paints. 171 more words

Assignment 2

Exercise - Applying Marks Through Physical Action

For this exercise I will use thickened paint and an expressive approach to the board. There are so many outcome for this genre if art as it is merely bound by they expressive way in which it is painted. 39 more words

Assignment 2

Prepping for exercises

To prep for my exercises ahead I have cut and undercoated 7 pieces of hardboard both A4 and A3. I used a small roller to coat the boards to give an even coat, still waiting for my encaustic cakes to arrive il move into the other exercises.

Assignment 2

Preparation for Assignment Two: Elements of Design the shortlist

When I started Part 2 I had in mind the theme of abstract architecture as a basis for my assignment, However when I went out and about and started shooting pictures, I felt the images were too bland and would not be interesting enough as a set. 503 more words

The Water is Rising (circa 1972)

I am standing on the beautiful red velvet antique couch that Mom never lets me even sit on. I am very agitated; crying and moving with great deliberation as I approach hyperventilating.   715 more words


Don't Leave Home without It

I have always been an active individual with high energy and optimism.  How that plays itself out in my lifestyle has changed with age, wisdom and technology. 226 more words


P166 Exercise: Detailed Studies

There may be objects or features that you wish to include in your landscape. … If this element of your drawing is to be convincing you will need to work out the basic elements of the form. 136 more words