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Copyright & Copyleft

The concept of protecting intellectual property goes back a long way. The Statute of Anne (passed in Britain in 1710), which provided protection of literary works, is considered the first copyright act put in place by a government entity ( 948 more words

Class Work

Jameel prize

Jameel Prize 3
Pascal Zoghbi, The Arabic font collage, from 29LT Fonts Collection, Courtesy of the designer. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

This work reminds me of tiles * try making individual square patterns and arrange together as one composition.

Major Project

Islamic Art Research

Islamic art and architecture
The architecture, literature, and visual arts of the populations that adopted Islam from the 7th century. Islamic visual arts are decorative, colourful, and generally nonrepresentational; the characteristic Islamic decoration is the arabesque. 567 more words

Major Project

Sarah Morris

Sarah Morris creates works that are abstract geometric shapes, bright and colourful reminding me of mosaic tiles.
Her work is what she describes as “urban, social bureaucratic typologies “ 21 more words

Major Project

Luc Tuyman tiles

Luc Tuyman began to study fine art in 1976 where he concentrated on painting but in the early 1980’s he lost faith in the medium and turned to film making for a few years. 56 more words

Assignment 2

Distance vs. Intensity


In this experiment, we observed the change in sound pressure levels  (SPL) with an increase in distance. Going into the experiment, we expected to acquire a certain set of results. 1,040 more words


Komposisyon 5: Si Puso na Mali, Si Utak na Tama

Madalas na tama si puso at mali si utak. Oops. Mali pala ako. Madalas na tama si utak at mali puso. Tama naman diba? Bakit? Dahil si utak ang nasa itaas at si puso ang nasa ibaba. 185 more words