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Sea Fever & Me

Sea Fever & Me

The sea has many guises.

It can be powerful and strong, or calm and serene.

It is a fluid, volatile phenomenon, oft changing by the hour. 331 more words

Assignment 2

Making our Box

Now that we have completed making the form of the letters, it’s now time to start creating a custom box for the letters to live in. 26 more words

Assignment 2

Assignment 2: Slow progress

I planned to finish the 2nd section of the course and my assignment by the end of January.

As usual my plans have gone astray and I am now working towards finishing it by March. 751 more words


Assignment two –  ‘Collecting': 

The Brief:

The brief requires a series of six to ten photographs and offers a choice of subjects: Crowds, Views, Heads or one of my own choosing. 2,387 more words


Scar Practice & Digital Mockups

Now that our letters are successful, we now need to apply scars and skin texture to them. But first, me and my partner decided it would be best to practice scar making with tissue and liquid latex separately, so when we apply it to the type, we will have more confidence. 19 more words

Assignment 2

Foundation of 3D Letters

Now that the form of the letter is complete, it’s now time to style it accordingly to our concept. Our idea of layering mdf wood to get the correct depth was a success. 24 more words

Assignment 2