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Assignment Two: Revised

Upon reflecting on the first assignment I had decided that the second assignment needed a theme throughout. Whilst reading Hurn and Jays: On being a photography… 2,679 more words

Assignment 2

Beginning of Class Assignment 2 - The target audience for Soap

For this assignment the creation of both a product packing map and face designs, and the creation of the product print advertisement was required.

I begin the research required for this assignment and discovered the following images that inspire me for the poster and soap box I will be making; 107 more words

Game Design

"Our culture is better than yours."

I always thought it was so interesting how people of different cultures get so passionate about the symbols and artifacts which represent their hegemony. Some people kill and are killed due to the symbolic nature of something in their culture, or something in someone else’s culture they do not agree with. 442 more words

It's What's Inside That Counts

After reading Benjamin’s work, I wasn’t really sure what to make a blog post about, because it seemed like he just kept saying the same idea over and over again, but rewording it differently each time. 600 more words


Photography 1 – P14 – Assignment One “The Square Mile” - Tutor Report

I was somewhat disheartened when I receive feedback on this first assignment. I’ve already done Drawing 1 so I’m used to critical reviews but certainly this report doused any initial enthusiasm I had for the course. 1,085 more words


Assignment 2- Duane Michals

Michal’s is known most for his work with series, multiple exposures and text. He started off as a fashion photographer but later on went to exploring much deeper means of photographical story telling. 310 more words


Did you choose the Ebola Question for your PBL?

Your group had two options to choose from for your PBL in the Africa Unit.  If you are looking at this post right now, it means your group chose the following question: 316 more words