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Thomas Joshua Cooper



I can’t believe I haven’t come across this photographer before. Such a leading practitioner and also educationalist specialising in landscape photography.

Using very traditional methods – a large format film plate camera dating from 1898 and early processing techniques he is renowned for his ambitious project – … 594 more words

Photographer Studies

Assignment 2. The brief & initial thoughts

Single image narratives

Revisit Chapters 4 & 5 in Creative Photography : Context and Narrative

The brief.
Produce eight images that individually have a narrative and convey a specific idea. 224 more words


Suki Chan

Follow up – Suggested reading and viewing

Suki Chan




“The aesthetics are intended to seduce. I want to transport the viewer to an elsewhere, one step removed from real life….” 478 more words

Photographer Studies

How I made the the poster.

Open up photoshop and go on File then New.

Click on Present then click on International Paper and change the size to A4

Give your new file document a name, I called mine background. 179 more words

Assignment 2

Recording Assignment: Post 4

This is the last post for the recording assignment.
In my opinion Marc held the low “D” at the start of bar 18 too long, once again losing a little bit of momentum here, so I cut this note slightly short: 408 more words

Assignment 2


All deadlines on a Friday, 4 pm.

Assignment 1  = P1 M1 D1
Given out:3/11/14
Taken in: 5/12/14

Assignment 2 = P2 P3
Given out: 8/12/14… 23 more words

Assignment 1