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Assignment 2


Card with envelope                                                        Net ready for print

Happy Days of the Week, Best..Friend etc, and First..Kiss etc.

And the real life print offs… flat, and assembled into a box. 93 more words


The prints of Edward and Richard Bawden

We were asked to research the work of Edward and Richard Bawden and their use of multiple blocks for lino printing. Below are some examples of their work: 188 more words

Multi-Block Linoprint

I decided to use the above photo, taken in my garden, as a basis for the multi-block lino print. I sketched the image onto a lino block instead of tracing, which was used for previous prints. 228 more words

Zebra Linocut

Based on the image above, I decided to continue practicing lino cutting techniques. I traced the image onto a block of lino and tried to replicate the effect by cutting away all the white areas. 82 more words

Solar Dyeing - Day 1

I have recently been reading Eco Colour by India Flint, which is beautifully written and covers a number of chemical free dyeing methods. One which appealed to me is Solar Dyeing (amongst others..) I decided to give this method a try this afternoon as there are currently so many interesting things flowering I’m my garden at the moment. 85 more words

Assignment 2

Exercise Applying gestural marks with a variety of tools

For this exercise I will use my board and the same primary colours, however instead of working from a distance I will be up close and scraping the paint with various tools across the surface. 73 more words

Assignment 2


During a recent holiday in Barcelona, I took various photos on the roof terrace on top of the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. It is one of the main art museums specialised in artists from the region. 121 more words